No Deposit Bonus Codes and Offers 2024

No deposit bonus casino offers are extremely popular, but also quite rare. Not to worry, we know exactly where you can get the best no deposit bonus codes and offers for Australian players – today!

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We bring you the latest no deposit bonus casinos – updated daily – for Australian players.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

A no deposit bonus is a type of casino bonus that is completely free of charge. There’s no need to make a deposit, as you’ll be given the bonus as a free gift. It doesn’t get any better than that!

With a no deposit bonus, you get to play casino games for free, and you can even win real money. You might get free spins or a free cash bonus, and once you’ve fulfilled the applicable bonus terms, you can withdraw what you’ve won.

In short, a no deposit bonus is simply a way for the casino to show you their appreciation. Be that for joining them as a member, for trying a new game, or maybe for your past activity. There are multiple ways you can get to claim no deposit bonus codes and offers.

A no deposit bonus can come in many shapes and sizes, and the one thing they all have in common is that no deposit is required. You’ll get the bonus without spending a single cent!

How to Get A No Deposit Bonus

Some online casinos are more generous than others with their no deposit bonuses. You might come across casinos where you can get free bonuses almost weekly, while other casinos very rarely offer a free gift.

But there are some occasions that are more common than others in terms of when you can expect a free bonus. Below, we’ve listed all the ways you can get your hands on a no deposit bonus as an Aussie casino player.



Perhaps the best-known form of no deposit bonus is the free registration bonus, also known as a sign-up bonus. This is a bonus you get for nothing more than signing up and activating your casino account. Typically, you might have to verify your mobile number or your email address, but other than that there are no additional requirements for being eligible for this bonus.

And the best part? You can claim a free registration bonus at every single online casino that offers this bonus type!



Free no deposit bonuses are frequently part of the loyalty and VIP programs offered by online casinos. You might get a free bonus when you reach a new level in their VIP program, or you can exchange loyalty points for some bonus money. Both no deposit free spins and bonus money are common loyalty rewards.

To be eligible for this bonus, you need to be active in the casino, and at least occasionally make deposits. After all, a loyalty bonus is a bonus you get based on your activity. However, at the point of redeeming the no deposit bonus, you won’t have to add additional funds to your account.



As a regular player at an online casino, your best chances of getting a no deposit bonus is when a new major pokie is released. Often, the casino, in cooperation with the game provider, will offer free spins to all players. This is simply a bonus given in order to promote the game release.

Generally, being a registered member who has at some point made at least one deposit at the casino is the requirement to qualify for this no deposit bonus. But, often the number of spins given will depend on how active you normally are, or on your current VIP level.



A free no deposit bonus that’s arguably not completely free is a cashback. No, you won’t have to make a deposit when you receive the cashback, but unless you have deposited before you can’t get a cashback in the first place. A cashback is simply a return of some of your previously lost deposits.

Nevertheless, when you get the cashback it’s free, and if it’s a weekly or monthly cashback you can get this bonus long after your last deposit. And, depending on how much you lost and the cashback percentage, this can turn out to be a substantial no deposit bonus.



Sometimes a casino might want you to do something special, and if you do that thing, you might get a free no deposit bonus. This “thing” can be anything from verifying your account or downloading their desktop app to joining their social media channels. Perhaps the most common “task” found at casinos nowadays is to join their Telegram channel.

The tasks you’re given are typically very easy, and therefore this is an excellent way of getting your hands on a free no deposit bonus code. Just keep an eye out for new tasks that appear in the casino, and you can secure regular free bonuses.

Find No Deposit Bonus Codes

If you’re wondering how, you can find no deposit bonus codes for Australian casinos, then you’ve come to the right place. There’s no need to wonder anymore, as you can find these promo codes right here at Gamble Online Australia. Just have a look at all our top lists of casinos, and read our casino reviews. There, we’ve provided all the bonus codes you are eligible for.

And, keep in mind that there’s no need to pick just one. You can take advantage of all the no deposit bonus codes. After all, with a free bonus there’s no monetary commitment, and you have nothing to lose by claiming all such bonuses.

How To Use A No Deposit Casino Bonus Code

Some casinos credit no deposit bonuses automatically, but others require you to use no deposit bonus codes. You can find these no deposit bonus codes clearly displayed on the casino site, so be sure to note them down. Here is a step-by-step of activating an online casino no deposit bonus using a promo code:

green outline of a padlock in a shield


Register at the casino, log in and navigate to the bonus section of


Use the Code

Type the no deposit bonus code into the promo code box, then enter.

green icon showing all of the card

Play On!

As soon as the bonus appears in your account, choose a game and play!

Advantages and Disadvantages of No Deposit Bonuses

Although no deposit bonuses are completely free, and you won’t lose anything by claiming them, you should be aware of some facts. There are pros and cons of these bonuses, compared to other bonus types you might get at an online casino. Let’s dive in and have a look at the main advantages and disadvantages.

  • Pros

  • A no deposit bonus is free, and you won’t lose anything on claiming it. The only thing you stand to lose is the time it takes to claim it and use it.
  • You have the chance of winning real money without having to make a deposit. As such, this can be considered free money.
  • A no deposit bonus gives you an opportunity to try out the casino and its services before committing to a deposit. You can find out if this is a casino you’d like to continue playing at or not.
  • With a free bonus, you can get to try out new games, for example, if you get a no deposit free spins bonus. You might even find a new favourite casino game.
  • Cons

  • No deposit bonuses come with a wagering requirement, and often this is higher than the requirement for deposit bonuses. This makes it harder to be able to withdraw your winnings.
  • Many no deposit bonuses come with a maximum win cap. This means that you won’t be able to withdraw more in winnings than a certain amount. Compared to other bonuses, this amount can be fairly low.
  • Usually, no deposit bonuses are of a small value, and that makes it hard to win a big amount. You can be lucky, but few players manage to withdraw a substantial amount from a free bonus.
  • Some casinos won't allow you to withdraw winnings from a no deposit bonus unless you first make a deposit. This somewhat defeats the purpose of a no deposit bonus.

How To Activate Your No Deposit Bonus

If you’ve found a no deposit bonus at a casino you haven’t played at before, you might wonder how to go about claiming the offer. You’ll be glad to know that it’s a piece of cake. Simply follow the steps below.

1. Choose A No Deposit Bonus Casino

The first step is to choose a no deposit bonus that you like. You can have a look at our top list of no deposit bonus casinos, or read through our casino reviews to find the one you like the best. Click the “Play Now” button to go to the casino’s website.

2. Register your Account

Once you’ve found a no deposit bonus, you need to sign up at the casino. This is done by filling in the registration form with your basic personal information. You’ll be asked to enter your name, address, phone number, date of birth and email address. If there is a field for a bonus code on the registration form, make sure you add it.

3. Collect Your Bonus

Most casinos award their no deposit bonus automatically, and all you need to do is accept it. However, some casinos require no deposit bonus codes to activate the bonus. If you didn’t find a field for this on the registration page, head to the bonus section of your account and enter it there. The bonus section is also where you can activate the bonus by opting in.

How to Withdraw Real Money From A No Deposit Bonus

Most likely, what you really want to know is how you can withdraw real money from a no deposit bonus. Right? Not to worry, we’ll tell you just how to go about it.

The first thing you need to do is accept the bonus and read the bonus terms. In these, it will be stated what you need to do. For example, you’ll see what the wagering requirement is, which games you can play, and how much you’re allowed to bet per game round. Pay attention to these terms, as if you breach them, you might not be allowed to withdraw any winnings at all.

Then, start playing with your bonus, and manage your bankroll well to ensure you have the best possible chance to complete the necessary wagering. The turnover requirement might be tough, so you’ll need quite a bit of luck in order to fulfil it.

Once you’ve completed the wagering, the bonus funds will be converted into real money. And, this is the time you’ve been waiting for, because now you can withdraw your winnings!

Head to the cashier and enter the amount you wish to withdraw. Then, choose a payment method. Note that card and e-wallet withdrawals won’t be available unless you’ve made a deposit using these methods before. If you’ve never deposited at this casino, you can choose between bank transfers or crypto wallets, depending on what payment options the casino supports. Complete your withdrawal and wait for the casino to process it. You’ll be asked to verify your account, so you should do this as quickly as possible.

Keep in mind, that when a casino gets a request for a payout from a no deposit bonus, they scrutinise the withdrawal extra carefully. They will check that you didn’t breach any of the terms. This is why it’s so important that you familiarise yourself with them before you start playing. If all checks out, your real money payment from a no deposit bonus will be on its way to you within a couple of days at the latest.

No Deposit Bonus Types

There are several different Australian no deposit bonuses and it’s wise to know each one so there are no surprises later on. We’ve listed the most common and popular online casino no deposit bonus offers here.

Casino bonus gift box


Bonus money is a fantastic offer if you come across it at a no deposit bonus casino. Basically, the casino gives you free money to play their games without having to visit the cashier and make a deposit.

Most of the time, free money can only be used on pokie games, but sometimes you can play select table games as well. The benefit of this bonus is that you can select your bet and the game you want to play, as the funds are not tied to a specific game.

Casino bonus gift box


One of the reasons why free spins are often the most popular type of no deposit bonus is because of the thrill. You never know what you win from your spins, and you have the chance to win big. If you’re lucky, you can end up winning much more from your free spins than what you’d ever get as a free cash bonus.

The downside is that the spins are tied to specific pokies, and you can’t change your bet size. But, once you’ve played your spins, you can use your winnings just like you use a free money bonus.

Casino bonus gift box


No deposit bonuses are not exclusive to pokie machines, so sometimes you can get to play for free on other games. If you play a table game like roulette or blackjack, you might get free chips. On live dealer tables, you can even get free money tied to a specific game show game, or game type. Even free bets for sports betting or free poker chips can be awarded as a no deposit bonus.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you get a no deposit bonus for a live casino game, sports betting, poker, or another game type, you likely have to complete your wagering on the same games. Only after you’ve converted your bonus funds into real money can you change the game category.

No Deposit Bonus Rules, Terms & Conditions

If there is one string attached to a no deposit bonus within the terms and conditions, it is the wagering requirement. And if you think about it, this is fair.

Basically, it comes down to this: if there weren’t any wagering requirement all players could claim a free bonus and immediately withdraw their winnings. If this were the case, the casino would only pay out money without ever getting money in – and that would spell bankruptcy for any business.

This is why you need to “earn” your bonus by playing in the casino. This also means that only some select lucky players will get to withdraw real money from the no deposit bonus. But all players get to enjoy the games and have some fun for free. And even the chance of winning free money makes it worth claiming a free bonus – even if you’re not lucky and win every time.

Other bonus terms you might come across are these:

  • Maximum bet limit: This term determines how much you are allowed to bet per game round while playing with bonus funds.
  • Maximum win limit: This rule decides how much you as a maximum can win and withdraw from a no deposit bonus.
  • Wagering timeframe: This condition tells you how many days you have available to complete the wagering requirement before the bonus expires.
  • Game eligibility: This term tells you which games you can or cannot play while you’re wagering with your no deposit bonus.
  • Player eligibility: This rule explains which players are eligible to claim the bonus and which players are not allowed to use the bonus offer.

It’s always very important that you read the full terms and conditions attached to a no deposit bonus before you start playing. Breaching a term might result in the casino debiting all your bonus winnings so that you can’t cash out. Although this is the case for all casino bonuses, most casinos are extra strict on enforcing their bonus terms when they’ve given you a no deposit bonus.

Common Myths About No Deposit Bonuses

Online casino no deposit bonus offers vary from site to site and we recommend always reading the fine print before claiming a promotion. However, there are a number of common myths and incorrect assumptions which surround no deposit bonuses. Let’s dispel these false myths so you can learn the truth about no deposit bonuses:

Myths and Facts No Deposit Bonus Online Casino Australia

How to Avoid No Deposit Bonus Scams

There are thousands of online casinos available on the internet, and unfortunately, not all of them can be trusted. There are some rogue operators out there, and they will often try to lure unsuspecting players in with a fantastic no deposit bonus offer. These are operators that you should avoid at all costs.

Have a look at our checklist where we’ve listed some common traits that can help you identify no deposit bonus casinos you should be avoiding:

  • The wagering requirement is sky-high, often of 60x or more. This means that it’s highly unlikely that anyone will be able to win real money from the casino, and it’s not worth partaking in the bonus.
  • The casino operates without a gambling licence. This is a serious red flag, and you have basically no rights, player protection, or any guarantee that the casino won’t just scam you out of your money.
  • The online reputation of the casino is terrible. Read online reviews to ensure that the casino has a stellar reputation and happy players to avoid untrustworthy operators.
  • The casino does not offer games from reputable game providers. If the casino has few quality games, it’s often because the good game providers won’t work with them, and this should be worrisome.

Now, you might wonder why casinos try to lure players by offering scam no deposit bonuses. The answer is quite simple, and that is that first of all, they might simply want your contact details, so they can sell your email address and phone number to other scammers. The second is that they are hoping that you’ll sign up and make a deposit, just to then later not pay out winnings.

If you want to be sure that the casino you choose is a trustworthy one, you should pick one from our recommended casinos list. We only recommend trustworthy casinos, and you can read all the details about the operator in our in-depth casino reviews.

No Deposit Bonus FAQs

Where can I find no deposit bonuses?

You can find no deposit bonuses on our casino reviews page and on the promotions page of online casinos. But if you have any doubts, reach out to the customer support team of any casino and ask if there are any codes available. Also, take a look at their social media channels, you never know what you can find there.

Why are no deposit bonuses so popular in Australia?

No deposit bonuses give you bonus money, free spins and other perks without having to make a deposit. This allows you to try out online pokies or other casino games with no risk while you have the chance to win real money.

Which type of no deposit bonus is most common for Australian players?

The most common no deposit bonuses you’ll find at Australian online casinos are free spins. But, also free bonus money is quite common. Other bonus types you can get as a no deposit bonus include loyalty rewards, free chips or bets, and cashbacks.

Do no deposit bonuses come with wagering requirements?

Yes, almost without exception no deposit bonuses have a wagering requirement. This means you need to play through your bonus a certain number of times before the bonus gets converted into real money that you can withdraw. Often, the wagering requirement for a no deposit bonus is higher than what is standard for a deposit bonus.

Can Australian players win real money on a no deposit bonus?

Yes, you can win real money, but most online casinos will have wagering requirements you need to complete before you can withdraw any money. It’s only after the fulfilment of the required turnover that your bonus money gets exchanged into real money.

Why do online casinos offer no deposit bonuses?

In the competitive gambling market, bonuses are how casinos attract patrons to their sites. No deposit bonuses are particularly attractive to new players because they can test the site and win real cash without risking any of their own money. Casinos that offer no deposit bonuses are confident that most players will enjoy the experience and stick around to play even after the bonus is done. In addition to using these bonuses for player acquisition, they are also used for player retention.

Which games can I not play with a no deposit bonus?

Game eligibility for casino bonuses varies from site to site. Generally speaking, games with a high house edge like scratch cards, keno and video slots are bonus-eligible, whereas table games like blackjack and roulette contribute significantly less or are excluded altogether. It’s best practice to read the fine print of any bonus before you claim it – you’ll find all the game contribution rates, exclusions, and maximum bet information there.

How do I win real money with a no deposit bonus?

To win money with no deposit bonuses, you’ll have to strike some wins when playing eligible online casino games. The original bonus and what you win from it will be bonus funds that can’t be withdrawn until you’ve completed the applicable wagering requirement. By completing this requirement, you’ll turn your bonus money into real money that you can withdraw.

How do I get no deposit bonus codes?

You can find no deposit bonus codes right here at Gamble Online Australia. All you need to do is copy the code and enter it on the casino’s website, in the promo code field. Alternatively, you can also scour the various casino websites for bonus codes. They often list them on their promotions pages.

Can I claim free no deposit registration bonuses many times?

You are only allowed to have one player account per casino. Therefore, you can’t claim a specific registration bonus more than once. However, you are free to sign up at as many casinos as you’d like, so you can register and claim no deposit bonuses at all casinos you can find.

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