Online Casinos with PayPal in Australia

PayPal is a widely used payment method all over the world, including in Australia. As such, many players wish to use this option for their gambling transactions. Unfortunately, online casinos with PayPal are not supported for Aussie players. There are ways around this though, so let’s dive in and see how you can play at online casinos in Australia with PayPal funds.

Best Alternatives to PayPal Casinos in Australia

While PayPal might not be available in legal online casinos, here are some of our favourite online casinos in Australia that provide various deposit options:

Pros and Cons of Using PayPal For Online Gambling

Like anything else, PayPal has its pros and cons, especially when it comes to online casino payments. Let’s have a look at some of the main benefits and drawbacks of this payment option:

  • Pros

  • It’s a well-known and trusted service for online payments
  • Easy to use and sync with other banking methods
  • Offers a high level of customer protection
  • Are only integrated with trusted and legal services
  • Offers instant transfers between accounts and connected cards
  • Cons

  • Are not available for Aussie players at online casinos
  • Can have high fees for certain transactions
  • Offers below-average currency exchange rates

How to Deposit at an Online Casino with PayPal

Depositing directly at an online casino using PayPal is not possible for Australian players. Paypal is only available as an option for players in countries that have legalised and regulated online gambling. Therefore, online casinos that accept Aussie players are not qualified to offer PayPal as a payment method.

But there are ways around these rules, if you really want to use your PayPal funds for your casino deposits. Below, you’ll find some suggestions for how you can go about it.


One of the easiest ways to use PayPal funds to fund your casino account is by buying a prepaid voucher. If you, for example, buy a Neosurf voucher online, you can pay for it using your PayPal account.


You can also use PayPal transfer to fund your e-wallet, which you can use at an online casino. Not all e-wallets accept PayPal, but there are some that do. If you have an e-wallet where you can use PayPal, this is a safe and secure way to make casino deposits with PayPal funds.


The perhaps most preferred option is to buy cryptocurrency with your PayPal money. If you do, this also gives you a quick way to make withdrawals, as you can cash out back to your crypto wallet. This is also the cheapest way to go, as crypto payments tend to be fee-free at Australian crypto casinos.

How to Withdraw from an Online Casino Using Paypal

Since PayPal will never be directly integrated as a payment option at Australian online casinos, you won’t find it as an option in the cashier when you wish to withdraw money. Therefore, you’ll have to use another payment method when cashing out.

If you want to have the funds end up in your PayPal account, you’ll need to make the transfer through another method first. For example, withdraw funds to your bank account, and then make a transfer from there to your PayPal account. Likewise, you can make the withdrawal back to a card that you have connected to your PayPal account.

Just note that except for bank transfers and payments to crypto wallets, you have to connect a payment method to your casino account before a withdrawal can be made. So, if you want to withdraw to an e-wallet or a debit or credit card, you need to first use it for a deposit. It’s the only way to activate it for withdrawals.

Using PayPal: Safety and Security

PayPal is well-known for being an industry leader in efforts to provide secure online payment options. Let’s find out why.

Green mobile phone with card


One of the greatest benefits of PayPal is that it keeps your payment details safe. Your transactions to and from your account will always go through PayPal, and not through the site where you are depositing or buying something. This means that you never share your personal payment details with any other company than PayPal.

green outline of a padlock in a shield


PayPal is known for having a great policy to prevent fraud, or at least to protect you as a consumer. For example, they offer 6 months of chargeback protection. So, if you have been defrauded of some PayPal funds, it’s more than likely that you’ll get the money refunded.

green dice outline


One thing that truly speaks to the trustworthiness of PayPal is that they do not offer their payment services to any illegal businesses. In fact, if an industry is regulated and requires licensing to legally operate, PayPal only works with licensed operators. Unfortunately, this means that they are not offering their services for gambling transactions to or from Australia.

More About PayPal

The digital child of original parent companies Confinity and, PayPal became a publicly traded company in 2002. They are based in San Jose, California.

The worldwide online payments system was acquired by eBay shortly after its IPO and was the auction site’s primary e-commerce checkout option up until the two companies parted ways back in 2015.

In the eight-plus years since the break-up with eBay, PayPal has continued to grow and remains an industry leader in the e-commerce space. PayPal is now one of the safest payment methods for online shopping and even online gambling!

PayPal is one of the most popular e-payment options in the world. If using the traditional credit or debit card options concerns you, PayPal’s enhanced security system is an excellent choice.

Online casinos with PayPal exist, but this option is only available in select markets. Unfortunately, Australia isn’t one of them, since online gambling isn’t regulated here.

PayPal FAQs

How do I deposit using PayPal at online casinos?

Unfortunately, depositing using PayPal at online casinos isn’t an option for Aussie players. In order to use your PayPal funds for online gambling, you need to take the transfer through another payment method. You can, for example, buy Neosurf vouchers using your PayPal account.

Is PayPal accepted at all online casinos?

Paypal is accepted at many online casinos, but this option won’t be accessible for all markets. Australia is one of the markets where PayPal is not supporting gambling transactions. They are only offering their services in countries that have regulated and licensed online casinos.

Are PayPal deposits instant?

PayPal transfers are instant, as long as it’s between PayPal accounts. If you connect a debit or credit card to your PayPal account, you can also make instant transfers to and from the card.

Are there any fees for online casino PayPal deposits?

Paypal can’t be used directly at online casinos by Australian players. But on a general note, yes, there are typically fees associated with PayPal payments.

Can I withdraw winnings to PayPal?

It’s not possible for Australian players to withdraw winnings from an online casino account to PayPal. The reason for this is that PayPal is not supported as a payment method for gambling transactions in Australia.

How do I verify my PayPal?

If you’re asked to verify your PayPal account, then a screenshot from your account will suffice. The personal details page should provide all the information required for the verification.

What is the minimum amount I can deposit with PayPal?

You can’t deposit at online casinos with PayPal. But, as for minimum deposit amounts at online casinos, it varies from $5 to $20. Check the deposit page at your chosen online casino to see their applicable limits.

More Online Gambling Deposit Methods

If you’ve decided that PayPal isn’t for you, or you don’t have a PayPal account, here are some of our other favourite deposit methods:

The revolutionary digital gold making payments exciting!

Smart contracts that bring a touch of magic to your transactions.

The global payment buddy that makes every transaction a breeze.

Your passport to easy payments, accepted almost everywhere!

Secure prepaid cards for online transations.

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