Best Bitcoin Casino Sites in Australia 2024

Bitcoin is quickly becoming the currency of choice for gambling online. From faster speeds to greater reliability, there are numerous advantages to gambling with Bitcoin over traditional currencies. As more Australian players become interested in Bitcoin, online casinos are increasingly accepting the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.

In our expert guide to Bitcoin casino sites, you can learn how to deposit using Bitcoin, the best online Bitcoin casino sites in Australia, and much more!

Top Australian Bitcoin Casinos

If you want to gamble online at a Bitcoin casino in Australia, you’ll want an online casino that quickly processes Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals. Here are our favourite Australian online casinos that accept Bitcoin:

What is Bitcoin?

While almost everyone has heard of Bitcoin, not everyone knows exactly what it is and how it works for gambling online. In simple terms, Bitcoin is a virtual currency. Bitcoin is based on blockchain technology which essentially keeps an open, public record of transactions using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Although there are more technical specifics, this is the easiest way to conceptualise Bitcoin for those are new to crypto or who don’t want to get bogged down in the jargon. The good news is that Bitcoin is more accessible than ever for Australian online gamblers and Bitcoin is one of the best deposit methods available!

How to Buy Bitcoin in Australia

Now that you know what Bitcoin is, you’re probably wondering how to actually buy it before you head to the best online Bitcoin casino. In order to play at Bitcoin casino, you need to have a Bitcoin wallet and then purchase Bitcoin at an exchange.

Bitcoin Wallets

A Bitcoin wallet is essentially a digital wallet where you hold your Bitcoin. You access it using a specific digital key (essentially a highly protected password), which you should never give out to anyone else under any circumstances. You can send and receive Bitcoin using your wallet by generating a wallet address. There are plenty of excellent Bitcoin wallet services out there, but remember to do your research before selecting one.

Crypto Exchanges

In a lot of ways, purchasing Bitcoin is exactly the same as getting foreign currency when you’re going on holiday. The crypto exchange works in the same as a high street currency exchange – instead of changing your Australian Dollars for British Pounds, you exchange them for Bitcoin. Be aware, that many crypto exchanges (like their high street equivalent) will charge a service fee and may have different exchange rates. Don’t be afraid to shop around to find the best deals!

How to Choose a Bitcoin Casino

Find the best online Bitcoin casino doesn’t have to be difficult. We highly recommend you start with our reviews of online casinos to help you find the top, safe casino sites available to Australian players. For prospective Bitcoin gamblers, there are a few additional factors that you should consider:

Is Bitcoin Accepted?

Naturally, you need to find a casino that accepts deposits and issues withdrawals using Bitcoin. If a site doesn’t accept crypto, simply head to another of our top recommended sites.

Are there Transaction fees?

Generally speaking, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals do not incur any transaction fees whatsoever. So if a casino does list a transaction fee for crypto transactions, we’d recommend looking at another casino.

How Fast are the Transactions?

Another major advantage to Bitcoin gambling is the speed of transactions. In our experience, Bitcoin deposits and withdrawals are processed within minutes. Most casinos list their expected transaction speeds on their payment page.

Are there Transaction Limits?

Transaction limits are the bane of many gamblers, both low stake and high rollers alike. Pay attention to the minimum deposits and maximum withdrawal limits on your chosen Bitcoin casino. Often the limits for Bitcoin are different to other deposit methods, so make sure to double check. For your convenience, have put together guides on our picks for online casinos with minimum deposit requirements.

Is there a bitcoin Bonus?

A Bitcoin bonus is a great way to further boost your casino bankroll. Not only can you claim the online casino sign up bonus, but you can subsequently claim an additional crypto bonus! Crypto bonuses are often even more generous than other bonus offers, so don’t miss out on a casino that offers one!

Pros and Cons of Bitcoin Casino Gambling

Now that you more about Bitcoin, it’s important to know why you should seriously consider using Bitcoin when gambling online in Australia. Although many online businesses do not accept crypto still, <strong>Bitcoin casino</strong> sites are ahead of the curve when it comes to crypto payments.

For Bitcoin, best casino practices now include a focus on accepting BTC and all the major cryptocurrencies. The best online Bitcoin gambling sites will also offer exclusive crypto casino bonus offers when you deposit with BTC or any other supported crypto.

Naturally as Bitcoin gambling is still new, there are still some drawbacks. Many players may not be comfortable with the technology or the fluctuating value and some Aussie online casinos are yet to get onboard with the crypto trend.

  • Pros

  • Higher limits for withdrawals and deposits
  • Exclusive Bitcoin bonus offers available
  • Minimal to no transaction fees
  • Instant transaction speeds
  • Cons

  • Gambling with Bitcoin may be off-putting for those less technologically-inclined
  • Not every Australian online casino site accepts Bitcoin
  • The value of Bitcoin can fluctuate

How to Deposit at an Online Casino with Bitcoin

1. Choose a Casino that Accepts Bitcoin

Select the best Bitcoin online casino for you and sign up for an account.

2. Create a Bitcoin Wallet

Select and set up a Bitcoin wallet, which is how you will manage and send your Bitcoin.

3. Buy Bitcoin from an Exchange

Select an exchange and purchase Bitcoin using your credit card or bank transfer.

4. Deposit Bitcoin into your Casino Account

Deposit your Bitcoin to the casino, using your unique deposit address, found on the casino’s deposit page. Your deposit should be ready immediately.

Anonymity at Bitcoin Casino Sites in Australia

One of the many pros to using Bitcoin at casinos online is the level of anonymity you have. There isn’t really any billing that comes with using Bitcoin at casino sites as it isn’t connected to your bank account or credit card. Don’t put any personal details in your Bitcoin wallet and these transactions won’t be traced back to you.

How to Withdraw from a Casino Site Using Bitcoin

Here are the typical steps you can expect to encounter when withdrawing from a casino site using  Bitcoin:

1. Request a Withdrawal

Head to the casino’s withdrawal page, choose your amount, and select Bitcoin as your intended method.

2. Generate Bitcoin Wallet Address

Check your Bitcoin wallet address, confirm and it and send the address to the casino site.

3. Process Withdrawal and Receive Funds

Finish the transaction and receive your bitcoins almost immediately. It’s that simple!

Using Bitcoin: Safety and Security

Bitcoin is highly lauded for its security features. The encryption that comes with Bitcoin transaction is top of the line, and these transactions are largely unable to be traced to back to you, which is great. Meanwhile, you receive larger bonuses for making deposits with Bitcoin, so it works out for everyone.

You also have to check on the casino’s end to make sure they’re doing all they can to keep your transactions secure. Make sure you can see the padlock icon right by the website address to confirm that it is indeed a safe online casino.

More Deposit Methods

If you are interested in other casino deposit methods, have a look through our other casino deposit guides:

Paysafecard is a quick and easy method recommended for casual players.

The world's top credit card: Visa is accepted around the world and is

Though not quite as popular as Visa, Mastercard is still widely accept

Perfect for crypto lovers.

Bitcoin FAQs

Are there fees when depositing using Bitcoin?

In our experience, online casinos do not charge any fees when depositing or withdrawing using Bitcoin.

Can I claim a welcome bonus when depositing with Bitcoin?

Absolutely! You can claim every available casino bonus when you deposit with Bitcoin. Sometimes you might even find a special crypto bonus which is exclusively available for players who deposit using cryptocurrency.

Do Australian online casinos accept other cryptocurrencies?

Depending on the casino, you can deposit using one of dozens of cryptocurrencies when gambling online in Australia. Although Bitcoin is the most common crypto casino deposit method, many casinos also accept Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Tether, USD Coin, Dogecoin, and many more!

How long do Bitcoin deposits take?

Bitcoin deposits are normally completed instantly! Bitcoin is among the fastest deposit methods available to Australian online casino players.

How long do withdrawals by Bitcoin take?

Players can expect near instant withdrawals when using Bitcoin at Aussie online casinos. Once the casino itself has authorised the withdrawal, you will normally have your winnings in your crypto wallet within minutes.

Are Bitcoin casinos legal in Australia?

So long as you play at a crypto casino located outside of Australia, then it is completely legal to try Australian online gambling with Bitcoin.

Is it safe to deposit using Bitcoin?

Absolutely! In fact, many Aussie Bitcoin gambling fans would argue that Bitcoin is safer than traditional banking methods such as credit cards. You don’t have to enter any personal banking information when deposit or withdrawing with Bitcoin. So the chance of your banking information being stolen is greatly reduced. You should always keep your Bitcoin wallet key safe as you will lose access to your crypto if you lose this.

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