Online Baccarat in Australia

Online baccarat is a fun, classic game available in most Australian online casinos. In our guide, you’ll learn how to play online baccarat, and where to find the best games to play for real money. Read on for more baccarat tips and strategies to win.

Best Casinos to Play Online Baccarat For Real Money in 2024

If you’re looking for the best place to play baccarat online, check out these top-rated casino sites.

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How We Choose Which Baccarat Sites to Recommend

At Gamble Online Australia, we take our casino games recommendations and reviews very seriously. Our expert team conducts thorough research and testing for each new site that crosses our path.

This comprehensive testing process allows us to distinguish between good and bad sites, ensuring we recommend only the best baccarat sites for Australian players. Below is a breakdown of what we look for.

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Available Baccarat Games

To qualify for our list of top online baccarat casinos, a site must offer a diverse selection of baccarat games. We ensure that these sites feature a robust array of games from leading casino software developers.

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Trustworthiness and Reputation

Before a casino site makes our list we always make sure it’s a trustworthy site with a rock-solid industry reputation.

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Proper Licensing and Security

The site must implement stringent security protocols and hold a license from a recognised governing body, such as the Curacao Gaming Control Board.

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Mobile Compatibility

Most online casino sites are designed for mobile web, but not all. We make sure the baccarat games on the sites we recommend run seamlessly on every mobile device.


Promotions and Bonuses

Online casinos always try to one-up each other with the best casino bonuses and promotions. We check to see that each one is legit and worth your time.

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Reliable Customer Service

Good customer service ranks high on our casino checklist. We prioritize easy access, prompt response times, and 24/7 support.

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Credible Banking Options

If you want to play baccarat online for real money, the casino needs to make it easy for you to do business. We ensure that casinos offer reliable methods for both deposits and withdrawals.

How Does Online Baccarat Work?

If you’re familiar with baccarat, you’ll find online play very similar, with various game varieties based on the classic version. In Australia, the two main types are RNG (random number generator) games, which are automated, and live dealer games, which feature a real dealer over video stream.

Playing baccarat online offers key differences from land based casinos. You can play anytime, enjoy a wider variety of games, and experience faster gameplay with lower minimum bets.

Online casinos also provide bonuses and promotions not available in physical casinos. However, they lack the sensory and social aspects of real casinos. For a more immersive experience, live dealer baccarat is preferable to RNG games.

What is The Best Baccarat Game?

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There are many types of online baccarat, so the best game often comes down to personal preference. Most baccarat varieties follow a similar structure, with a few side bets and rule variations.

Each game has its pros and cons. For a real dealer experience, choose live dealer baccarat. If you’re short on time, try Dragon Tiger or Speed Baccarat. For higher winnings, look for 0% commission games.

Free Online Baccarat vs Playing with Real Money

If you’re new to online baccarat, playing for free is a great way to learn the game or practice your skills. Most real money casinos allow you to play baccarat games in demo mode before depositing. This feature lets you try the different games and learn how they work before placing a wager.

Once you are comfortable with the game mechanics, betting options, and rules, you can make a real money deposit and start winning real cash. Below are the pros and cons of playing online baccarat for free vs. for real money:

  • Pros

  • Try different types of baccarat games
  • Learn the various rules
  • Practice baccarat strategies
  • Gain confidence with low-risk baccarat play
  • Cons

  • You can’t win real money playing baccarat in demo mode
  • You can’t play live dealer baccarat games for free
  • Free play is not as exciting as real-money play

How to Play Baccarat Online

Playing baccarat online is easy. Several decks of cards are shuffled and placed into a shoe. Two cards are dealt to both the Player and Banker hands. Bet on which hand you think will total closest to 9, or if they will tie.

  • A total of 8 or 9 is called a ‘natural,’ and no more cards are dealt.
  • If both hands have the same total, it’s a tie.
  • If neither has a natural, drawing rules decide if a third card is dealt.

Knowing the basics allows you to play most online baccarat games quickly. No special software is needed; games work on desktop and mobile browsers.

Steps to Play:

  1. Choose an Online Casino – Research, read reviews, and create an account at your preferred casino. Most offer free baccarat games to try.
  2. Browse Baccarat Games – Find baccarat games under table games or live dealer sections. Themes and graphics vary by provider.
  3. Learn the Game – Click on a game for rules and functions. Check odds and betting options.
  4. Place Your Bets – Bet on the player, banker, or tie according to game rules. Place chips as required.
  5. Deal the Cards – Click ‘deal’ in RNG games, or the live dealer will start once bets are in.
  6. Determine Winners – Winnings are automatically paid into your account based on game rules.

Card Values and Hand Scoring

In most baccarat variations, the cards are awarded points according to their face value:

  • Number cards 1-9 are worth their face value (e.g. a 4 is worth 4 points)
  • Tens and face cards are worth 0 points
  • Aces are worth 1 point

Points for each hand are calculated by adding the values of the individual cards. For example:

  • If you have an Ace and a 4, the total for the hand is 5 points
  • If you have a 7 and 9, the total value is 16
  • Because 16 is double digits, the first digit is dropped (the 1) and the total for the hand is 6 points

Example Game Rules for Drawing and Standing

If neither the player nor the banker wins or ties on the first hand, additional cards may be drawn under certain conditions. The player draws another card if the initial hand is 0-5 points and stands if it’s 6 or 7.

If the player stands, the banker draws a third card if the initial hand is 0-5 and stands if it’s 6 or 7. If the player draws a third card, the banker draws or stands based on the player’s third card. Rules may vary, so check the specific game rules.

1,2,3,4,5,0 Player draws another card. Banker draws or stands based on game rules.
6 or 7 Player stands. Banker draws or stands depending on its initial hand value.
8 or 9 No further cards are drawn to either hand.

Betting Options and Payouts

In most baccarat games, there are three main betting options, each with its own odds and house edge:

  • Player Bet: Bet that the player hand has a higher total value than the banker.
  • Banker Bet: Bet that the banker hand has a higher total value than the player.
  • Tie Bet: Bet that the player and banker hands will have the same value.

The banker bet is usually the best option due to its lower house edge, though the casino typically applies a 5% commission to winnings.

There are also various side bets, depending on the game variation. For example, you can bet if the first two cards for the player or banker will form a pair (payout 11:1) or a perfect pair (same rank and suit, payout 25:1). In Super 6 Baccarat, betting the banker wins with 6 points pays out 12:1. Side bets vary by game and casino.

Player 1:1 1.24%
Banker (w/ 5% Commission) 0.95:1 1.06%
Tie Bet 8:1 14.36%
Player Pair 11:1 11.25%
Banker Pair 11:1 11.25%
Push Score on Player or Banker Bet Bet Returned 0%

Online Baccarat Tips and Strategies to Win

Follow our tips and strategies to gain a winning edge in online baccarat. Our experts have extensive firsthand experience to help you play like a pro:

Read the Rules

Each game variation is slightly different. Read all rules to avoid surprises.

Banker Bet

The banker bet has the best odds, but remember the casino usually charges a 5% commission.

Watch the Commission

Look for games with lower or 0% commission.

Avoid High House Edge Bets

Tie bets and side bets have a high house edge. The payouts are better, but the odds are against you.

Fewer Decks

Play games with fewer decks (e.g., 6 instead of 8) whenever possible.

Avoid Gambler’s Fallacy

Game outcomes are random. Each round is independent and not connected to previous hands.

Practice with Free Games

Try free rounds in demo mode to get a feel for gameplay, side bets, and mechanics.

Be Cautious with Betting Systems

Systems like Martingale or Fibonacci can require a large bankroll.

Set Limits

Set budget, time, bet, or loss limits. Know when to quit.

Manage Your Bankroll

Bet small compared to your total funds to withstand losing streaks.

Player or Banker, Who Will You Choose?

Online baccarat in Australia offers an engaging experience for both new and experienced players. It brings the classic casino game to your fingertips, allowing you to play anywhere with lower minimum bets. Whether you prefer the simplicity of Punto Banco, the speed of Speed Baccarat, or the immersive live dealer games, there’s a variation for everyone.

Understanding the basic rules, discovering strategies, and choosing reputable casinos can enhance your enjoyment and potentially increase your winnings. Practice good bankroll management, avoid gambler’s fallacy, and set personal limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable online baccarat experience.

Australians’ Online Baccarat FAQs

Is online baccarat rigged?

Australians often worry if online baccarat is rigged. While there are risks with poor operators, most games at reputable sites are fair and random. Always choose well-regulated, licensed online casinos for a secure experience.

What are the baccarat scoreboards showing me?

Baccarat scoreboards track outcomes of previous hands to highlight trends. While engaging, they do not affect game outcomes and relying on them can lead to gambler’s fallacy and increased risk.

Can you count cards in baccarat online?

Card counting is ineffective in both online and physical baccarat. The game uses 6 to 8 decks, making counting difficult. Online RNG games and frequently shuffled live dealer games ensure hands are random.

What does ‘chasing the dragon’ mean in online baccarat?

‘Chasing the dragon’ involves betting on perceived patterns to maximize winnings or recover losses. In baccarat, this means betting on a winning streak to continue, which can lead to gambler’s fallacy and increased risk.

What’s the best bet in baccarat?

The best bet is the banker bet due to its low house edge, though it typically has a 5% commission. Seek out 0% commission games to maximize winnings.

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