Both no deposit casinos and minimum deposit casinos are popular among players. Many might think that these two casino types are the same, but in reality, they are very different. To help you find out which of these casinos you should opt for, we’ll explore the differences, the pros and cons, and all other aspects you should take into consideration before deciding on a casino.

What are No Deposit Casinos?

A no deposit casino lets you play without spending your own money, at least initially. Often this is done by offering a free bonus, such as some bonus funds to play with or some free spins. Typically, these bonuses can be claimed when you sign up as a new player at the casino.

Once you’ve gotten your free bonus, you can play with the bonus money. If you manage to complete the wagering requirement, you can withdraw your winnings. Even though you can’t expect to manage to fulfill the wagering every time, you can get lucky once in a while.

You can only claim one such free sign-up bonus per casino. If you want to continue playing, you’ll have to deposit money. Alternatively, sign up with a new casino that offers a no deposit bonus. With this strategy, prepare to spend quite some time hunting down new available free offers.

One thing you should be aware of is that a no deposit bonus often has a cap on how much money you can withdraw. As such, you might only be able to withdraw a limited amount of money, even if you’re lucky and get a huge win.

What are Minimum Deposit Casinos?

A minimum deposit casino is an online casino where you can deposit a small amount of money. Typically, we consider any casino with a minimum deposit limit of $10 or less to be a minimum deposit casino. These casinos are often better suited to cautious players than casinos that require you to deposit $20 or more.

Since you make a deposit at these casinos, you can also claim bonuses. Most minimum deposit casinos let you claim a bonus with any deposit, but some do require a minimum deposit that’s higher than the lower deposit limit at the casino. So make sure that you read the bonus terms before deciding how much to fund your account with. Generally speaking, though, you can expect better bonus terms for a deposit bonus versus those for a no deposit bonus.

Be aware that different payment methods can have different deposit limits. So even though the minimum amount you can deposit at the casino is $5 or even $2, this might not apply to the payment method you prefer.

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Key Differences Between No Deposit and Minimum Deposit Casinos

  • Initial investment requirement: No deposit casinos allow you to start playing without any initial deposit, offering a free bonus to new players. In contrast, minimum deposit casinos require you to make a small deposit of $10 or less.
  • Bonus availability: At no deposit casinos, the primary attraction is the free bonus given upon sign-up, such as bonus funds or free spins. Minimum deposit casinos offer bonuses that require you to make a deposit.
  • Wagering requirements: Both types of casinos have wagering requirements, but at no deposit casinos, you must meet these requirements using only the bonus funds. At minimum deposit casinos, you can sometimes meet the requirements using both your deposit and your bonus money. Typically, a deposit bonus has a lower wagering requirement.
  • Withdrawal limits: No deposit casinos usually have caps on how much you can withdraw from winnings earned from the no deposit bonus. Minimum deposit casinos can have higher or no caps on withdrawals, depending on the bonus terms.
  • Bonus frequency: You can only claim a no deposit bonus once per casino. For minimum deposit casinos, you can claim plenty of bonuses on an ongoing basis, depending on the casino’s promotions.
  • Continued play: After using a no deposit bonus, you need to deposit money to continue playing at the casino. At minimum deposit casinos, you simply make a new small deposit when you want to play more.
  • Payment method restrictions: No deposit bonuses are not tied to specific payment methods, but you may find a limited number of withdrawal methods if you want to cash out your winnings. At minimum deposit casinos, the minimum deposit amount may vary depending on the payment method you choose, with some methods having higher minimum deposit requirements.

Benefits of Choosing a Casino with Minimum Deposit

Even though the possibility of winning real money at a casino without having to make a deposit sounds great, it’s often better to choose to make a deposit. You won’t have to deposit a lot to reap these benefits, as you can just deposit as little as $2, $5, or $10 – not much more than the price of a coffee.
If you opt for making a small deposit, some of the benefits are:

  • If you make a deposit, the bonus terms on any promotional offers are often better than for a no deposit bonus.
  • You’re less likely to come across a maximum win limit on a bonus if you deposit to claim it.
  • If you don’t want to use a bonus, you can immediately make a withdrawal as soon as you win, without completing any wagering requirements.
  • While playing with your own deposited money, you have no game restrictions so you can play the games you prefer.
  • You won’t have to spend any time hunting down no deposit bonuses at new casinos, as you can stick to the casinos you like the best.


Whether you should choose a no deposit casino or a minimum deposit casino depends on just one thing: whether you’re willing to make a deposit or not. If you’re willing to risk a bit of your own money, then a minimum deposit casino is almost always the better choice. You get to pick the bonuses you prefer, there’s less likelihood of there being a maximum win cap, and generally the bonus terms are better.

However, if you have the time to spend to continuously look for new casinos that offer no deposit bonuses, they’re not a bad choice either. But prepare to spend some time finding new offers available to Aussie players. There are limited options, and remember that you can only claim such bonuses once at every casino

Eve Luneborg

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Eve Luneborg has been a dynamic presence in the online casino industry since 2014, starting at a burgeoning casino in Malta that has now become a leading gambling site. Initially a support agent, she progressed to handling payments and training new staff on processing withdrawals and KYC documents.

In 2016, Eve transitioned from casino operations to become a writer in the iGaming industry.

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