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Online keno is one of the hugely popular casino games in Australia, largely due to the fact that it has simple rules and an easy pace of play. The game shares many characteristics with bingo and a lottery, so you’ll pick it up in no time. In our expert guide, you’ll find the top Aussie keno casinos, learn how to play, practise with a free game & more!

Where to Play Keno Online

If you want to play keno online, you’ll need to find a site that offers good game variety, good casino bonuses, and can be trusted to pay your winnings promptly. Here are our favourites:

How to Play Keno Online

Like we mentioned above, one of the reasons online keno is so popular is because of its simple rules – keno is approximately halfway between the lottery and online bingo.Screenshot of an online keno game

Simply put, your goal is to choose the winning numbers from a field of 80 total options.

Here’s what a game of keno online looks like, in four easy steps:

  • Each player chooses their numbers (from the field, typically 1-80), the number of games they want to play, and their wager size
  • The online casino’s random number generator (RNG) will select numbers, one at a time, until they have selected a total of 20 numbers
  • For each correct number you selected (known in keno as a “catch”), you will be paid out.

Are you ready to play keno online yet?

How to Start Playing Online Keno

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Find an Online Casino

How do you register to play keno online? First, find a site to play at using our casino reviews — many sites will offer free games, so you can even get a taste of what kind of keno you like to play.

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Register your Account

Once you know which site you want to play at, head over there and enter your information in the registration form. Be sure to choose a regulated, licensed, safe casino site.

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Deposit and Play

Unless you’ve picked up a no deposit bonus or want to play for free, you’ll need to head to the cashier and make a deposit at the casino. As soon as the deposit has cleared, you’re set to start playing!

Best Australian Keno Casinos

Keno Casino Welcome Bonus Contribution Rate* No. of Keno Games
1. Wolf Winner $5,500 + 125 free spins 0% 2
2. Bizzo Casino $250 +100 free spins 0% 5
3. PlayAmo $1,500 + 150 free spins 5% 5
4. Ignition Casino $3,000 100% 1
5. Uptown Pokies $8,888 + 350 free spins 100% 1

* the percentage which keno contributes to clearing the wagering or playthrough requirements of the welcome bonus.

Online Keno Strategy

Keno is a Game of Chance

Keno is a game of chance. If someone is selling you a guaranteed keno strategy to beat the keno game, run in the opposite direction. Keno is best played for fun and not to make money.

Place Small Wagers

Games of online keno are quick, so you’ll probably want to play at least a few in a row. Keep your wagers small to keep the fun going for longer.

Bankroll Management

Understand how much you’re wagering, how much you have in your balance, and never bet more than you can afford to lose. Keno has a high house-edge so it’s easy to lose money quickly when playing at a real money online casino.

Tips for Aussie Online Keno Beginners

New to playing keno online? Here are a few beginner keno tips (or, a refresher if you’re a longtime player):

1. Find a Casino Bonus

Like we say above, keno is a game of chance with a high house edge. If you want to make the most of your money, find online games with the right Aussie casino bonus for you: whether that be a welcome bonus, free spins, or a no deposit casino bonus.

2. Stick to a set of Numbers

To start, don’t select maximum numbers. This can increase your ticket price — instead, stick to a few spots to prevent big losses on a single draw.

3. Know the payout Chart

Before you play, look at the payout chart and figure out what you need to win. While the jackpots can be attractive, it’s incredibly rare to hit them in keno.

4. Manage Your Bankroll

The key to any successful keno play is good bankroll management. This means betting small and in line with the chance of the bet paying off. Remember, keno is a game of luck with a high house edge. Wins are usually infrequent.

Types of Online Keno in Australia

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Single Game Keno

Single game keno is exactly as it sounds – one single game of keno, after which you must claim your prize money before starting another game, or risk losing it.

While single game keno offers a relaxed pace of play and makes it easy to manage your bankroll, more experienced players may demand something a little more fast-paced – for those players, online casinos often offer “multi-race keno”.

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Multi-Race Keno

With multi-race keno, players commit to playing the same selection of number for a series of consecutive games and are unable to claim your winnings until the last race in the series is completed.

This game type is quite popular and can be quite fun, but manage your bankroll carefully when playing this type of online keno. Your wager amount is multiplied by the total amount of races to which you’re committing – for example, a 10-race $5 keno game would actually cost you $50 ($5 x 10 games.)

Keno Glossary

Brief History of Keno

The origins of casino games are rarely crystal clear. Nevertheless, here is what we know about the history of keno:

2nd Century BCE – Chinese Origins

It is widely believe that keno began in ancient China, where the game was played with characters instead of numbers. If the legends are true, keno was a vital fundraising tool which the Han Dynasty utilised to finance the lengthy wars fought in the region.

It has also been suggested that keno was largely responsible for funding parts of the Great Wall of China.

19th Century CE – In the USA

Keno made its way to North American when Chinese immigrants came to the United States to work in manual labour jobs, such as the construction of the Trans-Continental Railroad. The game was played in the worker’s spare time and quickly caught the attention of the American workers as well, who likely wanted to join in on the fun.

Originally, Keno had named symbols but, due to the language barrier, the names on the keno balls were changed into numbers to help the non-Chinese players better understand the game.


After keno spread to the United States, the game became popular in bars and saloons. With a natural progression of games offered at these gaming establishments, keno became more mainstream and is now part of the contemporary offering at casinos around the world.

Nowadays, you can find online keno offered at all the top Australian online casinos.

How Online Keno Works in Australia

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Online Keno Payouts

Payouts in online keno depends on a few factors: how much you wagered, how many numbers you chose to play, and how many catches (correct numbers) you had on your ticket.

While the payouts vary slightly, one thing remains the same across all casinos and game varieties: the more correct numbers you select, the higher your payout. However, don’t be fooled into betting lots of money in the hopes of matching all your numbers for the grand jackpot. Keno is a luck-based game and it doesn’t have a great return-to-player rate. That means that hitting the jackpot is pretty unlikely. Still, it is good fun!

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Keno Odds

It’s important to remember that keno is purely a game of chance, and the odds reflect that. As we mentioned, casinos use a random number generator for online keno, so your odds will be the same regardless of which numbers you pick.

Fun fact: the odds of choosing all 20 numbers correctly are 1 in 3,535,316,142,212,174,320!

As you can expect, these high odds are reflected in the house edge, which can be as high as 35% for online keno.

Keno Software Online

Some sites might require you to download casino software to access the game, although this is becoming increasingly less common — if the site wants you to download casino software from a third-party site, this is a site you should probably avoid.

Another type of software to lookout for is any type of downloadable software that promises to increase your chances of winning. While there are certainly tips you can use to help your gameplay, you should avoid any software that promises to enhance your chance to win.

When it comes to game play, look for keno games from reliable software providers like Microgaming or NetEnt.

How We Rate Online Keno Casinos

We would never want to steer you the wrong way. Here are all the factors we consider while reviewing the casinos in our list:

Safety & Security

Without a doubt, your safety is our number one priority. We only feature casinos with a valid gambling license that guarantees their player’s safety as well as third-party audited casinos.

Banking Methods

A good quality casino will give various options to deposit as well as withdraw so you can use your favourite banking method. A lightning-fast deposit and withdrawal time is the standard every casino should aim for.

Variety of Games

When you sign up for a casino, you should be able to find all your favourite games as well as a healthy amount of their variations.

Bonuses & Promotions

A good casino will offer very generous bonuses for their players. While there are not many keno specific bonuses, you should still be able to find a great welcome bonus!

Customer Support

You may never need to contact customer support, but it is nice to know support is there and is able to help you with your problems as fast as possible if you need it.

Online Keno Australia FAQs

Are there strategies for winning numbers in online keno in Australia?

Not really, as keno is a game of pure chance. You can’t improve your odds of guessing the correct numbers, but you can manage your bankroll to have more opportunities to play, and increase your potential winnings by choosing fewer numbers.

Can I play keno on my mobile?

Yes! Most online casino sites feature fully optimised mobile casino sites. This means you can enjoy playing on the go, whenever and wherever you want!

Did keno originate in Australia?

Most people agree that keno is a variation on an originally Chinese game, where it was very popular. The results of games in large cities may have even been announced to outlying villages and towns via carrier pigeon, before modern communication.

How can I win at online keno?

To win at keno, simply choose some numbers and hit ‘play.’ The casino’s random number generator will then select numbers. If enough of your chosen numbers match, you’ll win a payout. Keno is a game of luck, so there is nothing that you can do to affect the odds or your chances of success.

How do I know if a casino offers online keno?

Online keno is a hugely popular game in Australia. It is highly unlikely that any Australian online casino would not offer online keno. The fastest way to know if an online casino has keno is to go to their search bar, in the games section and search the term keno. You should be able to then see all the type of keno games available to you to play.

Is keno beginner friendly?

Yes! It is one of the easiest casino games to play, as it requires limit background knowledge to play! This is a great casino game for first-time casino players to try.

Is online keno a fair game?

Online keno is a randomly generated game. With that being said the games that we recommend are offered by trusted casinos. These casino sites have third party game testers to asses game for authenticity and fairness.

Is playing online keno legal in Australia?

Yes, it is perfectly legal for Australians to play keno. All you need to do is find a legal Australian online casino site and away you go. Make sure you try keno for free first, to get an understanding of how to play. Make sure to brush up on the online gambling laws in your home state before you play. In Australia, players are able to use online casino operators.

Where do I start with online Keno while playing in Australia?

First, you’ll want to select an online casino that offers keno. Next, choose how many games you’d like to play, and how much you’d like to wager. Start slow so you have as many chances to play as you want. Remember, your odds are the same no matter what numbers you select, so choose your favourites or use a system you like.

Why is keno so popular in Australia?

Keno is a very easy game to play and understand, and its fairly slow pace makes it a fun and entertaining game to play for long periods, if you want to. Its long history and its similarities to games like Bingo make it an easy choice for many looking to have some fun at an online casino without needing to learn complex strategies.

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