Casino VIP Programs for Australian Players

Get the most from your casino activity by joining a VIP program. Find out which rewards and other perks you can get by being a loyal player. Check out our list of recommended casino VIP programs at Australian casinos.

Best Online Casinos with VIP Programs in Australia

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A VIP program is basically a fixed bonus scheme. It outlines which rewards and bonuses you get to receive at the casino, as long as you’re an active player. This means that you can know how many bonuses you’ll get, and when you’ll get them.

In addition to giving you bonuses on a fixed schedule, you’re also likely to get bonuses when you reach certain milestones. Since you can keep track of your progress in the VIP program, this also encourages you to keep on playing.

A great VIP or loyalty program can make a true difference in your casino experience, especially if you’re a fairly active player. It is after all a bonus system that’s made to reward you based on your own activity.

Neospin Casino VIP program in Australia
The VIP Program at Neospin Casino counts with 16 levels.

Types of VIP & Loyalty Programs

Generally, casino VIP programs fall into two main categories:

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A points-based VIP program rewards frequent players with convertible points which can be exchanged for prizes! You might collect points by wagering in the casino or by making deposits. Once you have the points, you can exchange them for cash bonuses, free spins, lottery tickets, or anything else. Some casinos even have a bonus shop where you can select the bonus you wish to convert your points into.



Nowadays, most online casinos offer a tier-based VIP program. In this type of loyalty program, you’ll be collecting points as well, but the points will take you up the levels of the VIP program. The higher the level you get to, the better prizes await. You might get a new bonus just for reaching the level, and after that, you might get weekly or monthly free spins, cashbacks or other perks.

Even better, some casino VIP programs are a mix of points-based and tier-based. That means you work your way up the levels to get better rewards, and at the same time collect points that can be traded in for bonuses.

How to Choose a Loyalty Program

Before you choose a VIP program to partake in, you should do some research. That way, you can ensure that you pick the very best program for you.

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Shop Around

Don’t settle on the first site that offers you inclusion into a reward program. A VIP program is exceedingly common, and as a player, you have value. Make sure you find an Australian online casino that offers a good deal that caters to your online gambling preferences.


Find a Reward

If you’re a frequent pokies player, zero wager spins might be the reward for you. If you love table games, maybe you’d prefer cash back. Find a program that offers the best reward for the games you want to play.

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Read Fine Print

We’ve said this before, but it’s worth mentioning again. Be sure you understand the terms and conditions and playthrough requirements of any casino VIP programs you’re considering. While all bonuses have their upsides, some are more generous than others.

Rooli Casino VIP Program in Australia

How to Enter Into a Casino VIP Program & Claim Rewards

In most cases, once you create a new account and make a first deposit at the casino, you are automatically entered into that site’s VIP program.

From there, their systems track your every spin and bet. In short, the more you are active and the more you wager, the more VIP program points and prestige you earn.

Just like the VIP section of your favourite club or restaurant, some programs are invite-only and/or exclusively for high-rollers. Some of these loyalty programs aren’t advertised, but invitations are received by email or internal messaging service. These perks are highly coveted and, at times, very secretive. These are VIP programs you can’t just join, as you’ll have to play and use the casino and hope for an invitation.


Redeeming your loyalty rewards is always easy, and most often you’ll simply find them in the bonus section of your account. There you’ll see which bonuses you have available, and you can see the progress of any points system. If the casino operates with levels, you should also be able to see how far you have left until you level up.

On the casino’s website, they often have a detailed overview of their loyalty scheme, so you know what you can expect next but you will be also notified about new available bonuses via email or onsite notifications, so make sure you opt in to get communications.

Keeping an eye on your account is always a good idea, as sometimes the casino might not notify you about recurring bonuses or when they credit your account, like cashbacks given on certain days of the week. If you don’t claim your bonus within a couple of days, you might lose it, so if you know you have weekly bonuses from a loyalty program, set yourself a reminder and log in frequently.

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VIP & Loyalty Rewards You Can Expect

As loyalty and VIP programs become more common, online casinos continue to try and beat each other in terms of creativity and incentives. They know you’re shopping around for the best rewards – and if you aren’t, you should be.

The type of rewards you can get will vary from casino to casino. The most common VIP rewards you can expect to find are listed here:

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Cashback Rewards

A cashback given on a fixed schedule is one of the most common forms of loyalty rewards. You might get a daily, weekly or monthly cashback. The percentage of cashback you get will depend on your loyalty level. A lower level can get as little as 5%, while the higher levels can get as much as 25% cashback.

The cashback is calculated on net losses, so you will only qualify for such a bonus if you deposit money and lose.

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Free spins are very common casino bonuses, and they frequently appear as VIP rewards as well. Often, a whole bunch of free spins will be credited to your account once you reach a new level in the casino’s VIP ladder. On the higher levels, you might even get Big Spins, Super Spins, or Mega Spins, which are more valuable free spins.

As an extra perk, many casinos offer cash spins, which means your free spins don’t have a wagering requirement. These spins pay out real cash that you can immediately withdraw if you win.

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Some loyalty programs let you have a random prize once in a while, or rather when you reach a new level. Often, it’s some kind of bonus wheel where you can see the prizes you can potentially win. Some examples of prizes can be free spins packages or cash bonuses, or even a jackpot. More and more casinos offer their own in-house progressive jackpots that some lucky player will win.

Typically, the random prizes will become better and better the higher up in the casino’s VIP program you are. Usually, you can see the prizes for different levels, so you know what awaits you if you keep on playing at the casino.

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You can also get lottery tickets, usually by depositing funds into your account. The lottery might take place once a month or even just quarterly, and what you can win might be a huge prize. More often than not there will be hundreds of prizes up for grabs. A large number of players will get free spins, big and small cash prizes, but we’ve even seen cars or luxury holidays listed as main prizes.

Although one lottery ticket is enough to potentially win, your chances increase if you have more. And, since these tickets are given based on your deposit, the most prolific players tend to have the greatest chances to walk away with a lottery prize.

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As you play in the casino, you’re often collecting player points, referred to as XP. These points can be exchanged for cash bonuses, and this might be one of the best forms of loyalty bonuses. It’s basically a form of rakeback, where you get some points every time you wager in the casino. The more you play, the more points you collect.

Usually, the higher in the VIP levels you are, the more your points are worth. This means that you get more bonus money for each point.

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If you’re looking to deposit a significant amount to the casino, you might be a high roller! Within the VIP program, casinos can quickly spot players who are playing for big money. High rollers are often offered boosted deposit match bonuses through the VIP program. These are usually not larger match percentages but rather higher max bonus amounts.

It’s also not uncommon that high rollers get better bonus terms. A high roller match deposit bonus will often have a lower wagering requirement than what is standard for bonuses at the casino.

Exclusive VIP Clubs

In addition to the standard VIP or loyalty program that a casino offers to all players, some also have a separate VIP club. This is an invite-only club where you’ll really be treated as the VIP you are.

To gain access to such a club, you’ll usually just have to play and wait for the VIP team to notice you. Or, some will let you send in proof that you’re a high roller at another casino, and then let you in immediately. You might also automatically gain access if you reach the upper levels of the normal casino VIP program.

In these VIP clubs, you can expect some truly amazing benefits that “normal” players can only dream about. Some of the prizes and rewards we’ve seen players gain from the VIP club in various casinos online include everything from a Tesla car and a Rolex watch to luxury holidays and VIP tickets to big sports events.

But, these truly extravagant gifts are not the norm, as the most common reward is, naturally, casino bonuses. And, we’re not talking about pocket change. Some true VIP players can often receive $500 or even $1,000 as a bonus, without a wagering requirement. That’s free money that the players can immediately withdraw if they don’t feel like playing for the money.

Exclusive bonuses are also tailor-made for each player by their VIP manager. Faster withdrawals and even higher withdrawal limits are among other perks real VIP and high-roller players can expect.

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Online Casino VIP Program FAQs

Can I get into a VIP Program in Australia without making a deposit?

You’ll be enrolled in most VIP programs as soon as you register for an account with the casino. However, it’s only after you have deposited and played that you can claim the benefits of such a program. Without a deposit, you simply will not be able to become a Very Important Person in the eyes of the casino.

How do I get into a VIP Program in Australia?

In most cases, once you sign up for a new online casino account and make your first deposit, you’re automatically entered into the site’s VIP program. There are some exclusive VIP clubs that you need to be invited to join, but for any standard loyalty program, you’ll be automatically enrolled.

What can Australians receive in a VIP Program?

VIP rewards vary from casino to casino, but the most popular perks are cashback, free spins, tournament ticket entries and XP points. Shop around for the VIP rewards tied to the games you play most often.

What games count the most towards earning casino loyalty points?

Typically, pokies are the games that are best optimised for any kind of loyalty program or casino bonuses. However, some casinos give you points no matter which games you play, as they simply give you points based on your total wagering. Or sometimes based on your deposits. Make sure you read up on the terms of the VIP program before you join the casino.

What is a casino VIP program for Australian players?

An online casino VIP program is often a points-based loyalty system where you earn different rewards based on your activity in the casino. Typically, the rewards you get will be better the more you play, so it’s an incentive for players to stick around at the casino. Basically, a VIP program is one of the most important tools a casino has to retain players.

What are points in a casino used for?

XP points or Comp points that you collect in a casino can be used for different things, at different casinos. Some casinos only use these points to get you higher up in their loyalty program. You’ll then receive bonuses based on your level. Other casinos let you exchange your points for cash bonuses – whenever you like.

Which casinos have the best VIP program?

Which casino’s loyalty program is the best one highly depends on your personal preferences. So before you join a casino, check what they offer. Some players might prefer high cashback bonuses, others might enjoy frequent free spins. Then, some are in it for the possibility of winning an in-house jackpot. So just find out which reward type you prefer, and go hunting for the perfect VIP program to join.

What kind of exclusive bonuses can high rollers get?

There is no limit as to what kind of bonuses high rollers at online casinos can get. Everything from thousands of wager-free dollars to a couple of weeks in a luxury resort can be redeemed. It all highly depends on the casino and just how much of a VIP player you are.

What are the different types of VIP programs at online casinos?

Mainly, the standard types of VIP programs are the tier-based ones where you climb up in levels, or the points-based ones where you collect exchangeable points. But, casinos are free to create whatever loyalty programs and schemes they like, so you’ll also find many creative versions of this. The bottom line is that all these programs reward you for being active in the casino.

How can I get the most from a casino VIP program?

The best way to make the most of a VIP program is to stick to one casino. Instead of spreading your deposits around several casinos, try to become a really good player at just one casino. The casino will then recognize you as a VIP player, and then your status there will rise. And with that, more and better VIP rewards await.

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