Responsible Gambling

We’re big believers that gambling is supposed to be a fun, thrilling hobby. However, excessive gambling can lead to major financial and personal problems. For that reason, it’s important to know the signs of problem gambling, which includes gambling addiction. Read on to find them, as well as free resources available to Australians.

What is Responsible Gambling?

The concept of responsible gambling is to ensure that when you bet on sports or play casino games with real money, you minimise any risk to yourself and others. The best way

We can all play a part in preventing problem gambling in Australia. Here are some of the ways to protect yourself and others:

Set Deposit Limits

Deposit limits will restrict how much you can deposit each month.

Track Your Play

Track your play to see how much you've won or lost.

Never Chase Losses

Avoid chasing losses and stop playing when your bankroll is done.

Stick to a Bankroll Budget

Be strict about how much you want to gamble with each month.

Set Loss Limits

Loss limits restrict how much you can lost each session.

Choose a Reputable Casino

Look for casinos which have a self-exclusion policy, are registered an


Take advantage of self-exclusion policies, so you can take time out.

Get Help Early

If you're concerned about gambling addiction, seek help immediately.

Awareness of Problem Gambling

It’s important to be able to spot the signs of gambling addiction in yourself and others. This will help prevent the problem getting out of hand and having a negative impact on you and your loved ones lives.

Some of the signs are:

  • Being preoccupied with gambling, to the extent that you miss out on other life events
  • Constantly planning how and where to play
  • Needing to gamble with increasingly large amounts in order to feel the same thrill
  • Feeling irritable when not gambling
  • Gambling to relieve other feelings (e.g. guilt, anxiety, depression)
  • Chasing losses when gambling
  • Borrowing money from others to gamble further
  • Lying to cover how often and how much you are gambling.

Casual gamblers can stop playing whenever they want and enjoy small stakes sessions. Gamblers developing a problem will find it increasingly difficult to stop playing. However, even problem gamblers can have periods of remission where they can ‘give up’ the habit, before falling back into it. Keep the signs of problem gambling in mind.

Risks of Problem Gambling

There are a number of major risks associated to problem gambling:

Risk to Relationships

Excessive gambling often takes a toll on personal relationships. Problem gamblers frequently lie to hide the amount that they are gambling, and avoid attending social events in order to gamble. It’s also common for them to ask to ‘borrow’ money to gamble with, which puts strain on the relationship.

Financial Problems

It goes without saying, but gambling with more than just your disposable income can have severe financial and legal implications. These include repossession of personal items as well as bankruptcy.

Risk to Wellbeing

Problem gambling (and the subsequent social and financial implications) often leads to a deteriorated state of wellbeing for the individual involved. Though this will vary from person-to-person, this deterioration may include depressive episodes and suicidal thoughts.

Where to Get Help

If suspect that you or someone you love is developing a gambling problem, there are free resources available to Australians which can help quickly.

In the first instance, see these websites dedicated to AU players:
National Debt Helpline

If you need instant support, please call the following numbers:

Lifeline Australia: 13-11-14
GambleAware: 1800-858-858
Free Financial Counselling: 1800-007-007

Responsible Gambling FAQs

What are the signs of problem gambling?

Some of the signs of problem gambling are:

  • Feeling out of control
  • Losing more money than you can afford to
  • Being dishonest about how much time and/or money you spend gambling
  • Interfering with personal and work relationships.

If you feel you or a loved one has a problem, then seek help as soon as possible.

What is responsible gambling?

Responsible gambling is a concept which sees people gambling ins a manner which minimises the brisk of harm to themselves and others. In short, players gamble in a controlled environment, with budget limits and an awareness of how their gambling is affecting their behaviour.

Where can I get help for a gambling problem?

Australia has a number of resources available for people with a gambling problem. Some of the biggest organisations are GambleAware, Gamblers Anonymous, and the Gambling Help Online.

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