Pokies are undoubtedly Australia’s favourite casino game. It’s not uncommon to find hundreds, or even thousands of pokies games at casinos, both land-based and online! With such an enormous range to choose from, you’ll never struggle to find something exciting to play. Today, we’re looking at why people start playing pokies in the first place.

To find the latest pokies releases from industry giants like Microgaming, NetEnt and Betsoft, all you need to do is head to the top Australian online casino sites. Most casinos let you play for free, so you won’t even need to make a deposit to enjoy some of the best games available!

How Pokies Work

Players play pokie machines at a casino
Gamblers play slot machines at the Hard Rock casino in Atlantic City, N.J., Aug. 8, 2022.  (AP Photo/Wayne Parry)

There is a lot of confusion about how pokies machines work, and that has given rise to a number of popular misconceptions. For example, many people believe that all pokies machines are rigged. While there have been instances of rogue and fraudulent activity in the past, the vast majority of online pokies games (as well as those found at respected casino venues) are verifiably fair.

The pokies found at safe casino sites use Random Number Generator (RNG) technology built into the software. These RNGs ensure that, with each spin of the machine, the outcome is completely random. For that reason, you should always ignore any site which claims that certain slot games are ‘hot’ and ‘cold.’

The reality is, unless you’re playing Hot Drop Jackpots, each spin of the pokie machine has an equal chance of paying out. The result of each spin is set the second you activate the round, so you’re never ‘due’ a win, and no one can predict when a machine will pay out. For that reason, pokies are truly a game of luck!

How are Pokies Designed to be Addictive?

Psychologically, pokie machines are designed to be addictive. Brightly coloured, with flashing lights, arcade sounds and the looming chance of a big payout, it’s no wonder they’re the most popular game found at Aussie casinos. Factor in the small stake sizes on offer and it’s easy to understand why players can spend hours spinning the reels.

So, why do people start play pokies to begin with?

  • To win real cash: While we always recommend playing pokies for free before risking any real money on them, there is no denying that playing for real, withdrawable cash is more thrilling.
  • For fun: Like most casino games, playing pokies responsibly can be a ton of fun. Many players enjoy spinning the reels purely for love of the game.

Notably, the growth of mobile pokies has also boosted the popularity of the games. It’s now easier than ever to gamble, no matter where you are.

How to Improve Your Pokies Chances

Now you know that they’re entirely luck based, you might be wondering how to win on pokies. While there is nothing that will guarantee you a payout, there are a few things you can do to improve your chances of striking a few wins:

  • Bet small: Keep each bet small and manage your bankroll well to prolong your session.
  • Check RTP: The RTP rate is a reflection of how much the game pays out in the long-term. The higher RTP, the better for the player. We recommend sticking to pokies with RTP rates of more than 96%.
  • Check volatility: The volatility of a game is a reflection of how often it will strike wins. Some games pay out little and often, while others (such as progressive jackpots) tend to payout large sums less frequently. If you’re looking to win often, stick to low volatility games.

To play the newest pokies in Australia, head over to our expert casino reviews to find your new favourite site.

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