Slot games have always been an attractive draw to casino enthusiasts. The thought of winning big off a small wager has been too much of a proposition to pass up. The chimes of the slot machines, the colours, the lights, and the jackpots, all draw us into the spin of the reels and hope for a big payout. These games don’t require any skill to play, which makes them a comfortable choice for anyone looking for a bit of action. If you have ever visited a casino then you’ll know that the slot machines dominate the floor space, with games covering all sorts of themes and genres. But, there’s plenty to know about slot games that you may not already know, so let’s take a look at what the casinos don’t want you to know about slot machines.

Slot Placement at Casinos isn’t Random

There is a reason why games are placed in certain areas of the casino, it’s not just ransom. Slot machines are strategically placed, with the highest-earning slots placed in the most popular locations on the casino floor. If you want to play slot machines with the best win potential, then it’s best to play slot games towards the back of the casino. Moreover, slot machines are placed by the casino entrance to attract players to the casino floor.

All Slots Don’t Payout Equally

red neon sign that says slots
Not all slots are created equally.

Slot games do not all payout at the same rate, these games are built differently when it comes to the return to player percentages. You will find that most video slots pay out less than your classic reel slot games. This is because these reel slots are cheaper to run and are not as appealing to the modern casino player.

\The most recent slot games use exciting themes to attract players, so the payout rate is dialed down, whereas the classic slots don’t have that appeal, so the payout rate is dialed up. It’s always worth checking online for the slot machine’s payout rate before you start spinning for wins.

The Slots Club is a Marketing Tool

Many rewards clubs are designed to give back, but in reality, these clubs are using your data to reap more funds from you. These marketing tools exist to keep you playing in the casino, and are not there to reward loyalty.

Of course, you’ll enjoy a few perks here and there, but there are perks in place to keep you playing at the casino. It’s all designed to retain you as a casino player. There are benefits worth signing up for, but do not think that the casino is doing this for generosity, it’s all to keep you active.

You Can’t Win at Slots Over the Long Term

Although there are people who win on slots, over a long period of time, everyone loses.

These games are programmed to ensure the house wins, with casino slot machines having a return to player percentage between 70% and 90%, which means you can hit frequent wins, but if you wager $100 on a slot machine with a 90% RTP, you will only win $90 over the long term. The games are designed to provide regular wins, but over the long haul, the house always wins.

Betting the Max Amount is Your Best Bet

Generally speaking, the best way to maximise your chances of winning is by playing the max amount, provided you can afford it. Remember, you should never gamble with funds you are not willing to lose. Playing the max bet amount activates all the pay lines and special symbols and features, giving you a better chance of getting lucky.

Although the difference in odds is not huge, you will likely hit the top wins with larger bets. Remember, you should not take this approach if you are gambling on a modest budget. The games are all about entertainment, so play for entertainment if you have a casual bankroll.

The Slot Sounds are Designed to Make You Feel Happy

Each slot machine that sits in a casino has been crafted and designed to make you feel happy and attracted to the machine. The slot game manufacturers use data from psychologists and researchers when they design the games.

The animations, colours, graphics, and sounds, are all purposely designed to make you play with a smile. All of this is in place to keep you playing for as long as possible, which means it’s designed to make you lose money. It’s similar to the design of the casino, with no clocks and windows, which are there to keep you on the casino floor for as long as possible.

Payout Tickets are Designed to be put Back in the Machine

Gone are the days of cash coming out of the slot machine. Nowadays, casino slots deliver cashouts in a voucher form that can be exchanged for cash. Although casinos have always claimed this is for security and convenience, it’s really because players feel more at ease in inserting a voucher into a machine over cash. This has been psychologically proven, so don’t be fooled into thinking the casino has your best interest at heart. It’s just another intelligent tactic to get you playing on the slot machines with your winnings.

Slot Arms Slow Down Play

You may remember that slot machines used to have a big arm that you pulled to spin the reels. Today’s slot machines have buttons that you push, this is because the slot arms would take longer and players would get fewer spins per hour, so this was phased out of slot machines. Gone are the days of the ‘one-armed bandits’, which was a negative slot machine term that casinos will not miss.

Most Progressive Jackpots Exist Across Multiple Casinos

The progressive jackpot slot is without a doubt, the most attractive slot machine to the casino enthusiast. These games offer a life-changing prize from just a single spin. The prize amounts can go well into the millions, and if you trigger it, you will be the centre of attention on the casino floor. These jackpot prizes are shared across many casinos, so someone in another casino could win the full jackpot prizes, and then it’ll reset. These progressive jackpots are not always exclusive to the casino that you are in. These jackpot games take a small cut of each bet placed and put it towards a jackpot prize that never stops accumulating.

The Games Make You Feel Like You’re Winning

When you spin the reels to a slot machine and you hit a win, the game will celebrate the win with some fun animations and a pleasant jingle, creating the feeling that you have won and therefore are more encouraged to keep playing. However, this happens when you win less than your bet amount, so it’s not a win at all, but you’re led to believe that it is.

Slot Machines are Simply Random

Although slot games are weighted to payout a certain amount over the long term, each and every spin is random in nature. The return-to-player percentages are worked out over an infinite number of spins. This means if you won a jackpot on one spin, in theory, the odds of winning the jackpot again are the same. These games do not work based on what bets were placed beforehand. Casinos want to keep this information to themselves because players like to believe the slot machines are ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ when in reality, there is no way of confirming if this is true or not.

You should never forget that casinos are money makers that are there to take money from your pockets. Everything on the casino floor has been designed to work against your favour, and increase the house odds. It’s all one big profit-making machine operating against you. Now you know the secrets to slot machines, you should enjoy gambling as a form of entertainment, and never as a way to make a buck. Remember, you should always play responsibly and with money, you can afford to lose.

Matthew Vanzetti

Pokie Professor & Casino Expert

Matthew Vanzetti is the go-to expert on pokies at Gamble Online Australia, bringing years of firsthand experience from Melbourne’s casino floors to his engaging articles. His expertise covers everything from traditional slot machines to modern jackpots, providing readers with practical insights and tips to enhance their gaming experience.

Matthew’s passion and detailed knowledge make his writings essential for anyone interested in the thrilling world of pokies.

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