Sic bo is a fairly well-known casino game, but it’s not quite as popular as pokies, bingo, or even blackjack — so why is it so popular in Asia, versus other games? We explore.

Also known as hi-lo, big and small, dai siu, and tai sai, Sic Bo, translated to precious dice, is an unequal game of chance of ancient Chinese origin played with three dice. It also has two English variations Chuck-a-Luck and Grand Hazzard but seeped into land-based gaming venues and online casino sites under its original name, a label with which it gained a firm foothold worldwide, as of late.

Sic Bo has been an Asian mainstay for decades, where it mainly got enjoyed in the Philippines, Macau, and Hong Kong. In these regions, it has thrived since the early 20th century. Globally, it is likely the second most popular dice game ever. Behind craps, of course. Yet, unlike that American casino mainstay, in Sic Bo, every round results in a win or loss. In craps, specific wagers demand certain rolls before they become losing or winning ones, encouraging strategy use. Hence, Sic Bo is a far simpler game. In that lies much of its appeal. It does not require a ton of brainpower and is a gaming option that anyone can pick up and play in minutes.

Historical lineage aside, Sic Bo tables are commonly present in Asian casinos due to the continent’s players preferring rudimentary gameplay. Plus, their long-standing tradition with gambling choices that feature dice and scoring boxes. Like Ceel-lo, for example.

While, undoubtedly, Sic Bo is making massive strides in brick-and-mortar establishments across the globe, it is making even more headway at casinos for real money online. In this sphere, several live streaming providers such as Evolution and Playtech have begun featuring it in the streaming format. So, this is the perfect time to grab a casino bonus and see if Sic Bo is a game that tickles your fancy.

What Is the History of Sic Bo in Asia

As mentioned above, historical findings suggest that Sic Bo derives its roots from ancient China. It is impossible to pinpoint in which period this game got created. But it is known that it emerged around the same time as the martial art Karate and that it is one of the games played by combat fighters as a leisure activity between training sessions.

As the years went by, the game moved from dojos to gambling halls to the homes of the upper echelons of society, where it got played during celebrations.

In truth, there is not a lot of documentation regarding Sic Bo’s rise in Asia. What can get said with some degree of certainty is that this game’s western infiltration began in the late-1980s and early-1990s. Yet, it was not until 2003 that US land-based gaming locales started offering it, and its status in the digital sector started to swell in the past decade. It now ranks as one of the more beloved online casino games.

Is Sic Bo Easy to Play & Learn?

Sic Bo is a game of pure chance that moves at a pretty decent rate. It requires zero skill and no strategy. At physical gambling establishments, it gets played on a table that offers a variety of dice combinations that gamblers can wager on will show up in the following roll.

Newbie Sic Bo players do not have to worry about not knowing their chances in this game, as the table it gets played on features the associated payout odds of every bet.

Once everyone places their wager, the dealer shakes a saucer-like object containing three dice, and the players who accurately guess the combo of the next roll win corresponding prizes.

At some gaming spots, there is an electronic board showing the results of the most recent rounds of play. Some gamblers love these displays because they believe they give them insight into the tides of ongoing sessions. Nonetheless, know that all rolls are independent, and as with all casino gambling picks, previous outcomes do not dictate future ones. So, do not fall prey to this common mistake.

Without question, online pokies rule the Australian gaming landscape. Aside from reel-spinning products, Aussies are also quite partial to blackjack and roulette. Sic Bo rarely gets offered in land-based casinos throughout the country but is fairly popular online.

Dozens of software-powered versions of this game exist at interactive gaming platforms that cater to Australian players. The most established such options include products named simply Sic Bo by 1×2 Gaming, Belatra, BGaming, Habanero, OneTouch, Playtech, and Wazdan. Other viable RNG-fueled picks are Bitcoin Sic Bo by One Touch, Sic Bo Party by Iconic Studios, and Sic Bo Dragons by Wazdan.

Quality live games are Mega Sic Bo from Pragmatic Play Live, Ultimate Sic Bo by Ezugi, and Super Sic Bo by Evolution Gaming.

What Are the Best Sic Bo Sites?

According to most veteran players, the best Sic Bo gambling website is JackpotCity Casino, a platform that has been active since 1998, featuring a user-friendly design and a welcome bonus that can yield up to $1,600 in free-play funds. It seeks to reward loyal players through its generous VIP program and providers superior customer support to all. JackpotCity houses a wide range of Evolution Gaming products, including Super Sic Bo. Per various polls, it is the perfect gaming hub for newbies and experienced online gamblers alike.

If someone does not consider JackpotCity up to snuff, they can look into Spin Casino, All Slots Casino, and BetOnline as other suitable Sic Bo choices. These are safe online casinos with vast game libraries, long-standing reputations, and low minimum deposit limits. BetOnline has the most enticing registration package out of this pack of three sites, a promotion that can produce up to $3,000 in bonus cash. It is also the most reputable of this group, as it launched in 2001 and boasts an impeccable track record.

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