“Hitting the nuts” took on a whole new meaning this past Sunday in Las Vegas. According to reports, police arrested a man after he climbed onto a poker table and exposed his junk for the world to see. This was just one of multiple incidents from the exhibitionist. Amazingly, this type of incident isn’t all that uncommon in poker rooms in Vegas.

Man Arrested After Showing BOTTOM Pair IN Poker Room

On Sunday, July 9th 2023, Brian Danilczyk of West Babylon, NY, was arrested after multiple incidents of public nudity. The first incident happened around 11:22 p.m. at the Bird Bar inside the Flamingo Hotel & Casino. According to reports, Danilcyzk started attacking a one-legged patron.

This is where things start to get interesting. Danilcyzk was still fully dressed at the Flamingo. However, he quickly bolted from the casino and ran over to the Linq. There, surveillance video shows him running through the casino and stripping while randomly yelling at players.

Eventually, Danilcyzk made his way over to Harrah’s. By then, he was butt naked and decided to visit the poker room. There, he jumped onto one of the tables and started gyrating for everyone to see. He then turned and began mooning people that were passing the poker room.

At this point, police finally caught up to Danilcyzk and arrested him. He was quickly wrapped in a blanket and escorted off the premises. Police reported that Danilcyzk had an “altered state of mind,” which is cop-speak for he was drunk.

Danilcyzk was then taken to the drunk tank at the Clark County Detention Center and charged with disorderly conduct, battery, and indecent exposure. Police reported that as he sobered up, Danilcyzk did not remember much of what happened. Eventually, he was released and must go to court on 17 August to answer charges.

What Happens in Vegas – Happens Over and Over

While poker players aren’t always treated to a private cabaret show, it is not an uncommon occurrence. One of the most famous incidents of public nudity happened at the 2019 World Series of Poker. Ken Strauss of Pittsburgh, PA, went all-in blind during the WSOP Main Event, threw his shoe at the dealer, and then dropped his pants in front of the entire tournament room.

Strauss was disqualified from the event, but that did not stop him. He went to another casino and started walking naked on a craps table. A few weeks later, Strauss was charged with domestic terrorism after threatening to blow up casinos that banned him. Amazingly, he escaped those charges with probation.

Another infamous incident occurred at the Bellagio poker room in 2017. A man walked into the poker room naked and asked for his cellphone charger. In this case, security stopped the man and forced him to get dressed. Many believe this stunt was the result of a prop bet.

While many people get drunk in Vegas, most keep their clothes on. However, if you want to see some drunk people make complete fools of themselves, odds are you’ll see it in the poker room.

Yet Another Reason to Gamble at Online Casinos

While these reports of public nudity may be funny, they also show how crazy people can get in live casinos. Fortunately, you don’t have these types of distractions at online casinos.

At an online casino, you don’t have to worry about your neighbour dropping their pants and performing a Miley Cyrus impersonation. Imagine having to play poker after someone has decided to dance naked over your cards and chips. We’ll pass.

Of course, some of you may prefer to gamble nude. Online casinos are definitely for you. Nobody wants to see your junk, and playing at home guarantees you won’t spend a night in jail.

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