Bingo is a game of luck but that doesn’t mean you can’t improve your chances of winning! We have 10 must-read bingo tips for anyone who’s chasing the elusive jackpot.

Whether you play in person at a bingo hall or at an Australian online casino, you’ll enjoy the same classic game you played as a child. Bingo sometimes gets a bad rap for being so popular amongst the older generation, but don’t be fooled!  There is serious fun to be had, and you could even win real money online along the way.

Read on for the top bingo tips which will help improve your chances of taking home the jackpot:

1. Play When It’s Quiet

Though it’s true that the jackpots on offer go up during peak times, playing when the bingo room is quieter has real advantages. Namely, a higher chance of winning.

Remember, every bingo card has an equal chance of being the winner. Wouldn’t you rather play with a 1 in 30 chance as opposed to 1 in 300? Check how many players have bought cards for each game and weigh this up against the prize pot on offer.

2. Consider Session Bingo

If you’re looking to play for a few hours, check if your chosen bingo site offers session bingo. Session bingo allows you the chance to bulk buy a pack of cards to play over a set time. The prices for session bingo vary but are generally slightly cheaper than if you were to buy the same number of cards at full price.

3. Avoid Side Bets

Like in most online casino games, side bets in bingo rarely (if ever!) offer good value. The house edge involved with side bets is simply too high to be worth the cost. Steer clear.

4. Have Fun

Bingo is luck-based and there is nothing you can do within the game itself to improve your chances of winning. Play bingo for fun or not at all.

5. Get into the Bingo Spirit!

One of the reasons why in-person bingo is so popular is the incredible sense of community built at bingo halls. Though the community looks a little different when playing online, it’s still there! Why not chat with other players or the host using the live chat feature?

6. Play With a Bonus

We’ve already established that you should only ever play bingo for fun and not because you expect to make money from it. With that in mind, consider playing with a bonus! Casino bonus offers can be a serious boost to your bankroll by doubling or even tripling the amount you have to play with. That means you can play for longer and have more chances to wrack up some wins!

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7. Play Multiple Cards per Game

If you can afford to, buying a second card for the same game doubles your chances of winning. If you stick to low-stakes games, buying multiple cards can be a sound strategy. That said, remember that bingo online is played at a far quicker pace than in-person bingo. Estimate how long you’d like to play for and set a budget for each game accordingly.

8. Never Break the Bank

On that note, be sure to buy into bingo games within your budget. Games with expensive cards often lure you in with enormous jackpots, but remember that only one person can win. Bingo buy-ins range from 1¢ to hundreds of dollars a card so you’re sure to find games to suit your budget. If you’re set on playing for the jackpot, stick to low stakes games for the majority of the session and splurge on a jackpot ticket to finish with.

9. Use Social Media

You’d be surprised by how many bingo casinos give away free cash over social media! Be sure to follow your chosen site and keep an eye out for competitions and exclusive bonuses, such as a no deposit bonus!

10. Play the Long Game

One of the best parts about bingo is the patience involved. Statistically speaking, bingo wins are rare. You therefore can’t expect to win often. Just know that every round has a guaranteed winner, so play the long game and enjoy the fun.

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