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Audrey Pring

Table Games & Casino Writer

From a young storyteller fascinated by ponies to a respected casino and table games writer, Audrey Pring’s career has been a journey of transformation and discovery. Her serendipitous stay at a casino hotel in Australia sparked a passion for the gambling world, particularly roulette, leading to a successful shift in her writing focus.

Now a vital member of the Gamble Online Australia team, Audrey combines her rich background in travel writing with her casino expertise, offering readers a unique perspective on casino gaming.

Audrey’s ability to delve into the intricacies of casino games, particularly roulette, makes her articles a treasure for enthusiasts looking to understand the game’s elegance and unpredictability. Her writings not only explain strategies and betting systems but also capture the thrill of the spinning wheel, making complex concepts accessible and enjoyable.

Her transition to casino writing, driven by curiosity and an adventurous spirit, has enabled her to explore this new territory with the same zeal she brought to her travel narratives.

  • Credentials: Transitioned from travel writing to casino writing, bringing a unique storytelling style to the casino industry.
  • Favorites: Loves roulette, horse riding, traveling to Australia, and enjoys “Luck, Love & Lemon Pie” by Amy E. Reichert.
  • Personal Life: Audrey continues to blend her passion for storytelling with her love for casinos and horse riding, enriching her contributions with her diverse interests and infectious enthusiasm.

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