Play Online Scratchies At The Best Australian Casinos 2024

Learn how to play online scratchies, get tips on choosing your games, and find the best casino sites to enjoy online scratchies in Australia.

The Best Scratchies Online Casinos For Aussie Players

Check out our Aussie casino reviews to discover the best online casinos that offer online scratchies.

A Brief History Of Scratchies

Scratch cards were first invented in the US in the 1970s. The goal of these cards was to be a quicker alternative to the traditional lottery games.

It took almost a decade for the scratchies to reach beyond the borders of the United States, but when they did, their popularity spread rapidly.

Naturally, the first scratch cards were the physical paper tickets most Aussies are familiar with. But, nowadays, most who play scratch cards are playing virtual scratch cards found online. Actually, most online casinos offer scratch cards, and you might find hundreds of different versions of these classic cards. Some have also evolved beyond the classic scratchies, as there are versions that implement bonus rounds and other in-game bonuses.

This doesn’t mean that the time of paper scratchies is gone. They are still popular, especially as a means to raise funds for charitable organisations.

How To Play Scratchies Online

Playing scratchies online couldn’t be easier, and we’ll tell you all about how to do it.

  • Step 1: Click the scratch card you prefer to start the game. It will load in your browser in just a few seconds.
  • Step 2: Set your bet by pressing the + or – buttons, or by selecting the value of each bet from a list. Your choice of bet is the cost of a scratch and will impact your potential prizes.
  • Step 3: Either scratch the card by moving your mouse or finger over the surface that is scratchable. Or play a quicker game and simply automatically scratch all fields with the press of a button.
  • Step 4: If you win, your prize will be automatically added to your balance. This is the end of the game round, and a new game will appear instantly, so you can scratch again and again.

Note that not all online scratch cards are the same, so some might come with a predetermined cost.

The Basic Rules Of Scratchies – A Guide For Beginners

Match three of a kind anywhere on the ticket to win an instant cash prize. It’s possible to get multiple matches on a single ticket, but in most cases, you’ll only receive a payout for the highest prize.

If the scratch card has values in the revealed sections, the amount appearing three times is what you’ll receive. For tickets with symbols, check the paytable to see how much the winning symbols award. In most cases, the paytable appears alongside the scratching surface for easy reference.

As well as the variety of scratch card gaming options available, you also get two distinct bet options. These determine how you’ll initiate the game once it loads.

If you’re on your computer, move your mouse over the ticket to scratch and reveal the hidden sections. With some scratch cards, you may need to hold down the left mouse button as you ‘scratch’ the ticket. If you’re playing at a mobile casino on a touchscreen device like a tablet or smartphone, rub the ticket with your finger to uncover the hidden values and symbols.

Alternatively, you can click the ‘scratch’ button next to your ticket. Also called the ‘no fun’ button, this will reveal the entire scratch card surface instantly, ending the round faster. It’s ideal for players who prefer faster gameplay.

Variable Price Online Scratchies

If you like changing your wagers based on how your game is going, this is the best option for you. With variable-price scratchies, you’ll get to bet on individual tickets. After each round, you can adjust your bet higher, lower or leave it the way it was for the next scratch.

The ranges available will depend on the game you choose. Some have a range of between $0.01 and $50, while others have a range of between $0.10 and $1. The varied bet range makes this an ideal option for high rollers since you have higher wager limits available per ticket if you desire. As a result, the wins can also be higher.

Fixed Price Online Scratchies

Fixed-price cards are great for players with a budget they’d like to stick to. At the start of the game, you get to choose how many tickets you’d like to buy. The value for these is indicated beside the number of scratchcards. You’ll know exactly what the number of tickets you purchase costs before you pay.

In this setup, buying the tickets is choosing your wager. You won’t pay for anything else and can’t change the value of the cards. Fixed-price scratchies are uncommon online, but the sites that have them often offer discounts. Buying a certain amount of tickets lets you play more for less money.

How To Win When Playing Online Scratchies

There are few games that are as chance-based as online scratchies. There is no strategy you can use to help you win more long-term. Scratch cards are the ultimate random number generator game, where neither bet size nor how many scratchies you play will change the likely outcome. It’s all left up to randomness, so the only thing that can help you is the somewhat unreliable Lady Luck.


Understanding how to win on scratch cards is easy, as the paytable is often displayed directly on the card. Typically, you’ll need three of a kind to win.

The prizes vary vastly from scratchie to scratchie, and there is no standard for how large a prize you can win. Some prizes will only be a portion of the cost of a ticket, while you can also win many tens of thousands the cost of your ticket. In some online scratchies, you can even win more than one million times the price you paid for the scratch card.

House Edge/Rtp

The house edge of a scratch card is not standardised, so it’s up to the provider of the card to decide which portion of all bets should be paid out as winnings. Typically, it’s somewhere in the ballpark of the RTP of online slot machines. This means that anything between a 94% RTP and a 98% RTP is considered to be normal.

There’s no general rule, but most scratch cards will have a medium volatility. This means you can get big prizes, but you might also scratch multiple cards in a row without getting a win.

Before choosing which scratch card to play, you should check the game rules, as this is where you’ll see the applicable RTP of the game.

The Best Scratchies Strategies

As we mentioned, scratch cards are nothing but games of chance, so a strategy won’t help you win. However, applying some standard strategies for playing online casino games can serve you well. To make the most of your long-term gameplay, use these strategies when playing scratch cards online.

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Choose Your Game With Care

When selecting a scratch card to play, choose one that has a high RTP. You might want to evaluate how low or high volatility the game is likely to have. Most often, the volatility won’t be stated, but you can usually estimate this yourself by looking at the paytable.

The easiest way to get an idea of the volatility is by checking the minimum and maximum prizes in the game. If the minimum prize is below the cost of a ticket, then this is an indicator that the game has low volatility. This is because you can win often, but the prize might be small. If the maximum prize is many tens of thousands of times the cost of a ticket, the volatility might be high. You can get a huge prize, but it’s not very likely to happen often.

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Manage Your Bankroll

Bankroll management is one of the core strategies no matter what kind of casino game you’re playing. You need to adjust your bet, or the price you pay for a scratch card, based on how much money you have available to play with. Generally speaking, try to stick to a price per scratch card that does not exceed 1% or 2% of your total bankroll.

To decide if 1% or 2% is the best way to go, you need to know what the volatility in the game is. This is because you need to know how long of a losing streak you can expect. Read the section above (if you haven’t already done so) to find out how you can assess the volatility of the game.


Use Bonuses For Scratchies

The easiest way to get the most from your money when playing scratch cards is to claim a bonus. With this, you can boost your bankroll, and this will let you play more games or increase your bet. If you choose to play more game rounds with a bonus, you’ll increase the chance of eventually hitting a big win. If you increase your bet with your bonus, you’ll win a larger prize if you’re lucky enough to win big.

Just be aware that not all casino bonuses are made for playing scratch cards. Most casinos will allow for scratchies to be played with a bonus, but sometimes the wagering contribution will be lower for these games than for slot machines. And, some casinos will not let you play scratchies at all while playing with a bonus balance. So, you need to carefully read the bonus terms before you claim a bonus offer.

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Cash Out When You’re Ahead

One thing that you absolutely must do if you want to end up on the winning side while playing online scratch cards is to cash out. As with all casino games, the games are made to pay out less than what you bet, over the course of many, many game rounds. So if you’ve been lucky, it’s imperative that you don’t trust that your luck will last forever.

Cashing out regularly is the best strategy. If you, for example, start with a bankroll of $100, and you win so your balance is now $200, then you should cash out at least $100. That way you know that you’ve at least not lost anything, no matter how your future gameplay with the remaining $100 goes. If you win again, great! Then cash out a portion of your winnings again.

You can keep your original bankroll as a benchmark and always cash out what you have that exceeds this amount. You might also consider limiting your game sessions to a certain timeframe, like 30 minutes or an hour, and always cash out what you have in your bankroll after this time has elapsed.

Playing Free Online Scratchies

Several Aussie casinos have free trial games for their members to enjoy. These give you an experience similar to playing with real cash wagers, but there’s a catch; whatever you win isn’t yours to keep since you played with virtual credits from the casino.

Online scratchies are among the games you can find for free on various sites. It’s great to play for free at first to see how the scratch cards work, what the prizes are like and if the games work on your device. However, to fully enjoy yourself, we’d recommend moving to play real money scratchies online when you feel ready. With these versions, you get to keep whatever you win. If your luck holds and you win a good payout, the reward is all yours.

Many casino bonuses include scratch cards among the games that can be used to clear wagering requirements. You could therefore get a bankroll boost to play more and increase your likelihood of walking away with big rewards. Always read the terms and conditions to ensure your favourite games are eligible prior to accepting the bonus.

What To Consider When Choosing The Best Scratchies Casinos

Before you sign up with an online scratchie casino you should make sure that it’s the perfect fit for you. Use the information below to ensure that you’ve found the best scratchie casino for Australian players.

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Scratchies Selection

One obvious criterion you need to consider at any online casino before you join is whether or not they have a good selection of scratch cards. The best Australian casinos can offer more than one hundred games in this category, while others might offer just a couple or none at all.

In addition to looking at the number of scratch cards, you also want to look at the price of a card. And, what you can win. This can vary vastly, so it can be a good idea to start some games in demo mode before you log in to see what they offer.

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Other Games

If you think you might want to try other games as well, besides scratch cards, you should check out the game selection in other categories. Some categories you might want to look into are the online slot machines, table games, crash games, or the live casino.

Many players who play scratch cards also enjoy games like bingo and keno, so it can be well worth your time to see if the casino offers these games as well. If they are not listed under a dedicated game category, have a look to see if there is a category for specialty games. Often, this is also where you find the scratch cards.

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Security & Licensing

The most important aspect of any online gambling site in Australia that offers scratch cards is security. You need to ensure that the casino has a licence to operate gambling games, from a reputable gambling authority. The safest options are the licences from Malta or Curacao.

You should also check that the casino uses a certified random number generator. This is the software that decides the outcome when you play scratchies. So it’s imperative that this has been tested and found to be fair, so you know the scratch cards haven’t been rigged, making it next to impossible to win.


Scratchies Bonuses

When scratch cards are the games you prefer to play you need to check that these games can be played using the casino’s bonuses. To find out if this is the case or not, you need to read the bonus terms and look into the wagering contribution per game category. If you don’t, chances are that you can’t use the bonus to play online scratchies.

If the casino has dedicated and exclusive scratch card bonuses it’s even better. But, this is not very common, so don’t count on it. However, it’s well worth your time to visit the casino’s promotions page, just to make sure.

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Customer Support

Scratch cards are very straightforward games, so it’s unlikely that you’ll need help from the support team to resolve any game rounds. But, it could happen, and if it does, you need to be sure that you can get help quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, you might encounter issues with other aspects than the games, such as deposits or withdrawals, bonus issuance, or something else.

When assessing the casino’s customer care department, look for things like opening hours, available contact channels, and a helpful FAQ section. If you feel inclined, you can also contact the support team through live chat and test them out. Alternatively, read our casino reviews where we have already done this for you.

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Reputation & Trustworthiness

If you want to find out what a scratch card casino is really like, you should check what other players and casino experts have to say about them. Online reviews and feedback from an operator is the most trustworthy source of information, as they can’t be altered by the casino.

Right here at Gamble Online Australia, our casino experts have created in-depth thorough reviews, to tell you all about the services you can expect. These are unbiased and honest reviews created based on our experience with the casino, and therefore, you can trust them.

How To Sign Up And Play At A Scratchies Casino

You can get going on your next online scratchie adventure in just a couple of minutes. Just follow the step-by-step guide below.

Choose A Scratchies Casino

Have a look at our top list of the best scratchie casinos at the top of this page and choose the one you prefer. Click the ‘Play Now’ button and you’ll be taken directly to the casino’s website.

Register For A Free Account

Sign up by completing the registration form. You’ll be required to enter your name, address, mobile number, date of birth, and gender. In addition, you’ll have to create a password to be used when logging in to the site.

Claim Your Bonus

Make your way to the promotions page and have a look at the available bonuses. You’ll find a welcome offer, and if a code is required to claim it, it will be listed on this page. Copy the code.

Make Your First Deposit

Next, head to the casino’s cashier and select a payment method for your first deposit. Enter the amount you wish to deposit, and follow the on-screen instructions for how to complete the deposit. If you copied a bonus code, enter the code before you initiate the deposit.

Enjoy Playing Scratchies

As soon as your deposit and bonus have been credited to your balance, you’re ready to start playing. Choose the scratch card you prefer (often you’ll find all available online scratchies in a dedicated game category) and start playing!

Playing Scratchies Using A Casino Bonus

The fact that online casinos offer bonuses is one of the greatest benefits of playing scratch cards online, versus buying a physical scratchie. With a bonus, you can increase your bankroll, thus making it possible to play more or to play more expensive cards. Let’s look at some of the most common scratch card bonuses you might get at online casinos for Australian players.

Free Scratch Cards

Getting scratch cards as a free no deposit bonus is not very common, but it’s not unheard of. Typically, a bonus without a deposit is something that new players joining an online casino can get, or it can be given as a one-off bonus. Have a look at the promotion page at your casino to find a bonus code or an offer for a free scratch card.

You might also get a no deposit bonus that offers free money, and if so, you can use these funds to buy scratch cards. Cash bonuses are offered as a special promotion to active players, as a high roller bonus, or as a registration bonus for new players.

Match Deposit Bonus

A match deposit bonus is the most common type of bonus you’ll get at an online casino. The way it works is that you’ll make a deposit, and the casino will match it with a certain percentage, often doubling your money. This bonus is often not tied to a specific game, although some casinos do limit the possibility of wagering the bonus to certain game types.

Most online casinos will let you play scratch cards with a match deposit bonus, and getting the bonus is easy. A deposit bonus is first given as a welcome bonus to new players, and then typically as ongoing promotions for active players. At many Australian casinos, you can claim a match deposit bonus several times a week.


Cashbacks are great for players who regularly play at an online casino. These bonuses work almost like a form of insurance, as you’ll be given a percentage of your losses back. Typically, you’ll get a daily, weekly, or monthly cashback, and the percentage can range from 5% to 30%, depending on the casino.

More often than not, the game you play won’t impact your cashback earnings. This means that you can play scratch cards and if you’re unlucky, you’ll get money back. You’ll find these offers as an ongoing promotion at an online casino, or as part of the loyalty program.

Loyalty Bonus

There are many types of loyalty bonuses you can claim at an online scratchie casino. Some casinos let you collect points while playing, and these can be exchanged for bonus money. Often the points also take you up a VIP ladder, and the higher you get the better rewards you are eligible for.

Some loyalty bonuses can include free scratch cards, bonus money, weekly match deposit bonuses, and regular cashbacks. If you’re a VIP player, you can expect exclusive bonus offers as well as perks like higher withdrawal limits, priority withdrawals, and a VIP manager. It all depends on how elaborate the casino’s loyalty program is.

Online Scratchies FAQ

Are online scratchies rigged?

No, online scratch cards are not rigged. But that’s only if you choose a legitimate platform, like the casinos we’ve recommend above. We ensure every listed casino is licensed by internationally respected bodies. That ensures the games offered at the casino use Random Number Generator (RNG) software to ensure all game rounds are fair for all involved.

Can you play scratchies on a mobile?

Yes, you can play scratchies on a mobile. Casino software developers have embraced the popularity of mobile gaming by creating mobile-friendly releases.  It’s easy to find online scratchies for real money in Australia that are playable on your smartphone or tablet. Just look for a casino supporting mobile play from our recommended options.

What are the odds of winning scratchies on the internet?

The odds of winning while playing online scratchies depend on the game you choose – every title comes with different odds. Generally speaking, scratchies have an RTP that’s comparable to online pokie games.

What is the RTP of an online scratchie?

There is no set standard for the RTP in scratch cards, but usually, it’s between 94% and 98%. Also called the Return-To-Player ratio, the RTP is a long-term win estimate set by the game developer. Listed as a percentage value, the RTP helps give you an idea of how much you stand to earn in winnings based on how much you spend. Since these are games of chance, you may win more or less depending on your luck in the short term. The higher the RTP, the better.

How much can I win on online scratchies?

The maximum prize you can get from a scratch card online varies widely between different cards. Some have a top prize equal to 500x the price of the ticket, while others can offer a jackpot of more than a million times your wager. Check the paytable on each scratch card to find out how much you can win.

Do all Australian online casinos offer scratch cards?

No, you won’t find scratch cards at all online casinos that accept Aussie payers. But, most casinos do offer this game type. The number of scratchies offered is far from standardised. Some casinos offer more than a hundred scratchies, while others can offer only a few.

What does an online scratch card cost?

The price of a scratch card varies depending on the game you play. You can find scratch cards costing as little as 1c, although the most common minimum bet is 10c or 20c. As for the maximum price, it can go up in the hundreds of dollars. Just check the betting range on the card you want to play to see which bets are available.


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If you’d like to mix things up a bit and try out other games than scratch cards, we’ve found five game types that often appeal to avid scratchers.

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