Play Live Dealer Roulette Online in Australia: An Expert Guide

Whether you like playing it safe on the inside or risking a little bit more on the outside, roulette offers a little bit of everything for those interested. As the industry continues to gain popularity, video streaming technology now offers users a chance to partake in live dealer roulette online at casinos in Australia. It’s an online, interactive experience – if you miss the personal interaction with dealer and fellow players, live dealer casino games allows you to banter back and forth with people all over the world.

Our guide to live dealer casino roulette will cover how to play live dealer roulette, bet types, variations & more!

Best Live Dealer Casino Roulette Sites for Australian Players

Here are our favourite live dealer roulette online casinos in Australia:

How Do You Play Roulette?

If you’re new to roulette online, here are some beginner roulette tips to help you get started:

Choose Your Strategy

Roulette is the perfect casino game for beginners because it’s really easy to play. To start, figure out where you believe the ball will land on the wheel.

Place Your Bets

You’ll place your bets at various number or colour spots on the board, which we explain in detail later on in this tutorial. The dealer or croupier will place the ball in the roulette wheel and spin away.

Collect Your Winnings

Once the ball comes to its final resting slot, the losing bets are cleared off the table and winners get paid out. The game will be ready to play again almost immediately.

How is Live Dealer Casino Roulette Different?

As with other live dealer casino games, live dealer roulette is like the game you play in a bricks-and-mortar casino, but just online. You are placed at a virtual roulette table, but unlike other online casino games, the flashy graphics and random number generators are replaced by a real-life roulette dealer, table and wheel and seen via live video stream.

Thanks to this live video stream and software, you can interact with the dealer and fellow players just as if you were at a real casino, standing or sitting at your favourite roulette table.


Convenience – play live roulette anywhere at anytime Reliant on strong WiFi/data connection
Ability to socialise via live chat feature

Free-play versions are rare

Fast-paced game with few breaks
Many live roulette variations available

How do You Win at Live Dealer Casino Roulette?

It’s as simple as picking which number or colour you believe the roulette wheel ball will land on when it comes to a full stop. There are several different styles of roulette, with the most common being American, European and French.

The house edge in the American version is 5.26%, while the European house edge is 2.7%. In French roulette, which does come with more unique rules, the house edge is cut below 2.0% in some instances.

Inside and Outside Bet Types in Live Dealer Casino Roulette

There are two different types of live dealer roulette bets. Outside bets are easier to win because your odds of winning are greater, but because of this, you will receiver lower payouts. Inside bets possess weaker odds, but offer a higher payout because of the risk involved. You need to weigh up your roulette odds and payouts in order to decide how to bet.

Whether you play the outside or inside depends on your bankroll, which you’ll want to budget ahead of time. Because roulette players don’t have a lot of rules to learn and gameplay is simple, it’s very easy to blow through your bankroll if you don’t understand which bets possess the best odds and embrace ahead of time that slow and steady wins the race.

Here are the bets you can make in live dealer casino roulette, broken down by their two types:

Outside Bets

Although you can expect more frequent wins, don’t expect huge payouts with outside bets. We’ve listed the main types of outside bets;

  • Even: You win if the ball lands on an even number
  • Odd: You win if the ball lands on an odd number
  • Black: You win if the ball lands on a black number
  • Red: You win if the ball lands on a red number
  • 1-18: You win if the ball lands on a number between 1 and 18
  • 19-36: You win if the ball lands on a number between 19 and 36
  • First 12: You win if the ball lands on a number between 1 and 12
  • Second 12: You win if the ball lands on a number between 13 and 24
  • Third 12: You win if the ball lands on a number between 25 and 36

Inside Bets

Inside bets have a lower chance of winning, but much higher payouts when they do. Here are the main types of inside bets;

  • Street: A bet on any 3 (horizontal) numbers. For example, a bet on 1-3 or 4-6.
  • Six Line: Also known as a double street bet. This is a wager on 2 lines of 3 (horizontal) numbers. For example, a bet on 1-6 would be a six-line bet.
  • Column: This is a bet that pays 2-1. There are 3 columns you can wager on.
  • Corner: This is a bet made on the centre of 4 numbers. For example, you can bet on the corners of 16, 17, 19, 20.
  • Split: This is like a corner bet, except you’re making it between 2 numbers instead of 4. For example, a bet made between 17 and 20 would be a split bet.
  • Straight Up: Bet on any number from 0/00 to 36.

Different Variations of Live Dealer Casino Roulette

American Roulette

In American roulette, there are 38 pockets for the ball to fall into, which are 0, 00 and 1-36.

European Roulette

In European roulette, there are 37 pockets for the ball to fall into, which are 0 and 1-36.

French Roulette

French roulette is the same as European with more unique French rules that can shrink the house edge over the player.

Speed Roulette

Speed roulette is perfect for the player with no time to spare. On average, the wheel spins every 25 seconds or so.

Multi-Ball Roulette

Multi-Ball roulette embraces many American roulette rules, but as the name implies it incorporates more balls on every spin.

Lightning Roulette

Lightning roulette uses a European wheel and table, but offers up huge payout multipliers should your number hit.

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Live Dealer Roulette Online FAQs

Can I play different variations of live dealer roulette at online casinos?

The best online casinos in Australia offer the three most popular versions (American, European and French roulette), but be sure to check out the live dealer home page of your favourite site for confirmation.

Can I play live dealer roulette on my mobile?

You sure can play live dealer roulette on your mobile as most mobile casinos do offer live dealer casino games. Be sure to play using a secure wifi to protect your personal data and ensure the fastest possible connection.

Is live dealer roulette at online casinos fair?

Yes, there is complete transparency as you can watch the dealer the entire time to make sure everything is fair.

What is live dealer casino roulette?

Live dealer casino roulette is an interactive online variation of the popular bricks-and-mortar casino game. You are seated at a table online, but you can see a real-life roulette dealer the entire time. You can also speak to the dealer via a live chat feature, which you can do in all live dealer casino games.

What is the house edge in roulette (American, European and French)?

While there is no true live dealer roulette strategy, the house edge breaks down like this: American roulette house edge is 5.26%, while European house edge is 2.7%. In some cases, the French roulette house edge shrinks below 2.0%.

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