The Best High Roller Casinos in Australia 2024

High roller casinos are becoming more and more popular online. With high bet limits, world-class games and tons of great perks, many players are looking for the very best Aussie high roller casinos which payout in AUD. Look no further. In our guide, you’ll find the top AU high limit sites where you can play right now, exclusive bonuses, perks & more!

Best High Roller Casinos in Australia 2024

Here are the top-ranking online casino sites, updated daily, where you can play high limit games right now:

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What Makes a Casino High Limit?

Any casino which offers large stake sizes is considered a high limit site. These high limits appeal to players with large bankrolls who are looking for significant thrills, also known as high rollers!

Land-based casinos have been offering exclusive perks to high rollers for decades. In Vegas, almost all of the major casinos have high roller lounges which are more luxurious (and more expensive to play at) than their standard gambling floors.

Web-based casinos have started offering inflated stake sizes to cater to high rollers too. Though the perks look a little different when gambling online, high-stakes players still receive VIP treatment for taking the big risks attached to their playing style.

Perks of Being a Casino High Roller

Playing at a land-based casino as a high roller can lead to a truly lavish gambling experience. Resorts often offer free rooms, personal hosts and higher credit limits to those who they know can afford to bet big. There have even been instances of casinos paying for their high roller’s flights!

When it comes to playing for real money online, the perks are similar! Top Aussie gambling sites offer exclusive casino bonuses to high-limit players, as well as personal account managers, higher deposit/withdrawal limits, cashback & more!

So, how much do you need to bet in order to be classed as a high stakes player? The truth is, it depends! How each casino classes high rollers varies. Generally speaking online, high rollers can bet anywhere from $50 per round up to hundreds of even thousands of dollars. In person, the high roller minimum bets usually start at around $100.

How to Become a High Roller Online: Top Tips

If you’re looking to become a high roller, here are a few tips to get you started:

Bet Big

It should come as no surprise that the first step to becoming a high roller is to bet big consistently. Big bets will catch the attention of any casino staff and let them know that you mean business.

Play at Small Casinos

Casinos which don’t often receive high-limit players, like local or online casinos, are more likely to pay attention to new high-stakes gamblers. Popular luxury casinos (like the ones in Vegas) see people betting considerable sums all the time, so it’s unlikely that your bets will be valued straight away.

Ask the Staff

If in doubt over what the requirements are to be classed as a high roller, why not speak to one of the casino staff? The staff are in place to ensure your gambling experience is the best it can possibly be. Besides, they’ll be keen to hear about a new high-stakes player so they can make a great first impression. Talking to the staff should be one of your first moves in becoming a high roller.

Benefits of High Roller Casino Sites

As with all things in life, being a high roller has benefits and disadvantages. It’s important to note that they vary from casino-to-casino. Here are how the two match up:

  • Pros

  • Exclusive bonuses
  • Higher bet limits
  • Higher deposit and withdrawal limits
  • Personalised casino experience, often including an account manager
  • Top perks which might include free gifts and access to new games
  • Cons

  • High risk in terms of potential bankroll losses
  • Playing strategy may work for short-term gambling only

Top High Limit Casino Sites in Australia

Australian Online Casino Minimum Deposit Withdrawal Time Welcome Bonus
1. HellSpin $10 Instant – 5 days $1,200 + 150 free spins
2. Stellar Spins $10, 3 – 5 days $10,000 + 200 free spins
3. Ricky Casino $20 Instant – 10 days $7,500 + 550 free spins
4. Bizzo Casino $15 3 – 10 days $400 + 150 free spins

High Roller Casino FAQs

How much do high rollers bet at the casino?

High roller tables online will often have minimum bets of $50-100 per round, but there are tables with $500 or even $1,000 minimums! Though there is big money in play, limits still exist for high rollers. Be sure to read the rules of any game you play to check the limits.

Is being a high roller worth it?

The perks of a high roller vary depending on where you play and how much you like to bet. If you have a huge bankroll and enjoy gambling for the sake of it (not to make money), then the benefits of being a high roller are great perks to your pastime.

What is a high roller casino?

A high roller casino allows players to bet unusually large amounts on their casino games.  The exact amount may range significantly from game-to-game and casino-to-casino. High rollers are players who consistently bet large amounts, and are often rewarded with exclusive perks by the casinos who are keen to keep them playing.

What are the benefits of being a high roller?

Being a high roller at a land-based casino has many perks which very from brand-to-brand. High rollers in Las Vegas for example often receive free room stays at the casino and dedicated hosts to help them play. When playing online, the perks vary from site-to-site. High rollers online can often enjoy a personal host/account manager, higher deposit limits, prioritised payouts and exclusive casino bonuses including cashback.

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