Going to a casino can be anything from a casual affair to a glamorous night out. When it comes to visiting a casino in Australia, the question of what to wear will surely be at the back of your mind. Well, there are many options, and it all comes down to the type of casino you are attending. Going to a casino should always be considered an event and you should always respect an event with a respectable outfit.

You can’t have a glam night out without a visit to a large and luxurious casino. When you are sitting at the casino game tables being dealt cards, you want to feel like a million dollars, you want to feel cool, sexy, and in the right place. Visiting a casino donning a smart outfit was made famous by James Bond, and that’s reason enough to look good when you gamble.

In Australia, going to the casino is all about getting dressed up for the occasion. The evening should represent the glitz and glam of the high life, to put it simply, you should dress to impress. Although wearing a tuxedo is a bit too much, wearing something smart and classy is encouraged.

Is Australian Casino Culture Casual, or Formal? 

Back in the day, going to the casino was a casual night of entertainment. But times have changed, and now going to the casino has become more of an occasion to dress up and look the part. It could have something to do with the rise in social media, and the opportunity to show your friends that you’re on a glam night out at the casino, looking good, and having fun.

The casino encourages people to look smart and sophisticated when they attend a casino. This is because well-dressed people are less likely to be trouble, and more likely to gamble money. If you are dressed well, it will likely have an influence on your behaviour, in a good way.

However, there are many casual, low-limit casinos where you can simply wear whatever outside you want and hit the tables or slot games. But, then the trip to the casino almost becomes a chore and a way to try and make money. Whereas dressing up can become an event and put the focus on having fun and enjoying the finest casino entertainment.

What to Wear to Casual Casino

If you’re heading to a casual casino where the class of character may not be your James Bonds, then you should wear what makes you feel comfortable. This doesn’t mean you should turn up in scruffy trainers and ripped jeans, the casino always deserves a level of respect.

You should keep it simple with jeans, a standard shirt, and trainers or shoes. For girls, jeans, a shirt or a blouse will work just fine. The classy casinos during the daytime will also accept a more casual getup, but once the peak hours start closing in, it’s better to be dressed smartly.

What to Wear to Formal Casino

people formally dressed at casino table
People dressed formally in a casino.

If you’re heading to a top-end casino like the Crown or Star Casinos, you will want to put a bit more effort into your outfit. These casinos want every evening to be full of glamour and top-notch entertainment. This means you can add a bit of extravagance to your outfit, with a well-fitted suit, blazer, smart shoes, or a nice dress and heels. Going to a casino is the perfect way to end a night on the town at a nice bar or restaurant. The casino floor will be populated by many punters looking their best, with outfits fit for an Instagram photo to let the world know you are enjoying a formal evening at one of the country’s most loved casinos.

This level of dress standard is in place for many reasons, one of which is because it’s likely to mean less trouble for security, and the other is because it upholds a reputation of class and sophistication.

Practical Dressing Advice 

Dressing up for lady luck is a great opportunity to pull out all the stops and look your best. The casino is a great reason to make some effort in your outfit, you don’t work all week to not enjoy an evening or a weekend in style. There are lots you can do to style out your look, like wearing a nice watch on your wrist. What’s more, going to the casino can mean a lot of standing up, so you should always make sure your footwear is comfortable. Be aware that going to the casino can involve plenty of drinks, so make sure you keep your outfit in good form.

It really all comes down to what you feel looks good. But these high-end casinos do have dress codes that you must abide by. The casino floor only has so much space and those who are dressed for the occasion will be granted entry, while those who look like they have popped out to go to the shops will surely be turned away.

You should make the most of the opportunity, the casino is not a place to go to every week, it’s something that should be a big event in the social calendar. A night out where you can let your hair down, and feel good. The casino should be respected by what you wear, the croupiers, dealers, hosts, and security, will all be dressed to add class to the occasion, so you should certainly bring a bit of class to the casino floor.

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