Gambling is fun, especially when you are winning! Though, the fun quickly disappears when you can’t withdraw your winnings. Maybe your casino is not paying out. Can they even do that? What should you do if an online casino won’t pay?

It is always a blast in the casino when you are spinning the reels and hitting the jackpot! Especially when there are many great casino deposit and withdrawal options. When it’s time to withdraw your winnings, however, if you are denied payment, it becomes a problem. Why would a casino refuse payment to its customers? There might be many reasons behind it. Maybe you misunderstood the terms and conditions or entered your personal and financial information incorrectly. Before we start investigating, let’s see what you can do in case of a casino not paying out your money.

What Can I Do if an Online Casino Refuses to Pay?

It is very annoying when an online casino or a Bitcoin casino refuses to pay. Luckily, there are a couple of measures you can take after a big win to ensure you get paid.

  1. Take Screenshots of Everything

Having evidence is the key here. You should always take a screenshot of your win, your casino wallet, and the messages you get when you try to withdraw. Otherwise, it will be your word against the casino and it is hard to get anywhere in a he-said-she-said situation. Having evidence will only make your case stronger. This goes for all types of casinos whether it be a minimum deposit casino or a crypto casino.

  1. Contact Customer Support

Terms and conditions can be confusing! In the case of a casino not paying you, it is best to contact them first to see if there was a misunderstanding. Having duplicate accounts, using someone else’s credit card, or using a VPN to gamble from a country in which gambling is not allowed are not accepted by the majority of casinos. Also, there is the issue of not meeting wagering requirements. Some bonuses will have wagering requirements and if you don’t meet them, you can’t withdraw your winnings. If this is the case, having a quick conversation with customer support will help clear any misunderstanding.

  1. Follow the Casino Complaint Policy

Yes, the procedure is very drawn out and boring but this is the best shot you have at proving the casino refuses to give you your money. Keeping a record of everything will come in very handy here. If the casino refuses to cooperate, you will have evidence against them to report them to the right authorities.

  1. Contact Gambling Commissions

It is a good idea to contact the gambling commission that regulates the casino. Usually, casinos will not want to damage their reputation and they will go above and beyond to avoid customer complaints. Especially if it is a serious mistake on their part. What you can do is gather all the evidence you have collected about the incident and find the gambling commission that regulates the casino and tell them about the problem you are having. The information about the gambling commission will usually be in the footer section of the casino.

Can a Licensed Casino Refuse to Pay?

person writing no in red marker An online casino can refuse to payout in very specific — and rare — circumstances.

Unfortunately, an online casino can refuse to payout — but this is rare. The unfortunate answer for players is, yes, a licensed casino can refuse to pay you under the right circumstances. The most popular online casinos will have strict requirements for players to abide by since with more players, the cash flow will increase and the casino does not want to lose money. This is especially the case if it a casino gives generous bonuses for a small amount of deposit, like casinos accepting $5 minimum deposits. Some of these requirements are very well known and we always make sure that our readers are aware of them.

When signing up in a casino, you should always key in the right information. The casino will ask you to provide legal documents to prevent illegal acts such as money laundering and fraudulence. The legal documents are called “Know Your Customer” or KYC for short. These documents include a valid identification card such as a passport, id, and driver’s license for verifying identity, proof of billing such as utility bills and bank statements for address verification, and credit card, debit card, or bank account for payment method or deposit verification. Failing to provide the correct information from the get-go may cause you issues down the line.

Violating terms and conditions also will cause the casino to not pay you your money. One of the most important things that are looked over by new gamblers is the wagering requirements. It is nice to see a casino giving out a very generous welcome bonus but don’t forget to read the fine print! These types of bonuses will always be tied to a wagering requirement. Some casinos will ask for a wagering requirement of a whopping 50x before they pay out your winnings. All casinos are strict when it comes to their terms and conditions.

Using multiple accounts is against the terms and conditions in most online casinos as well as using a VPN to gamble in a casino. Online casinos will track your accounts and make sure you don’t create more than one under the same name to abuse the bonuses provided. It is understandable why online casinos would be against this. If you play at a $10 minimum deposit casino and win big, trying to make more accounts to take advantage of the welcome bonus will not be tolerated by casinos. Using a VPN is not allowed as well. Players might connect to a casino from a place in which they are not allowed to gamble. Most online casinos won’t even allow you to view their page if you are using a VPN. Using a VPN will result in your account being terminated.

Has there Been Lawsuits from a Payment Refusal?

Of course! There were many lawsuits filed for refusal of payment. Some have been won by the prosecutor, some were not so lucky. Though most examples are from land-based casinos, this doesn’t mean you can’t sue an online casino for refusing payment. Bringing a company to court is a long, drawn-out, and exhausting process. Usually, it’s not worth your time and effort if the amount you are denied is lower than at least five figures. This should always be your last resort. If you have gathered sufficient evidence, you have the option to bring the casino to court.

Some casinos over the years have denied payment to gamblers hitting a huge jackpot, claiming it was a software issue. Just like Bruno Venturi, who turned his initial £20 (AUD $35.66) into an incredible £650,000 (AUD $1,158,835) was denied by the casino because of a software glitch. Venturi took Eurobet to court and Eurobet claimed his winnings were just a result of a software glitch and accused Venturi of taking advantage of a glitch. The judge ruled that Venturi played by the rules and was entitled to the full amount of his winnings. To avoid headaches such as this, we always recommend you play at a safe online casino and we will always recommend safe casinos to our readers.

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