The life of a live casino dealer is an interesting one. Their work requires them to serve up cards to all manner of players, from those looking for some entertainment, to those desperate for a win to keep their finances up. The online casino brings all sorts of weird and wonderful people, and nobody interacts more with them than the casino dealer.

This person will see many people go through highs and lows throughout the day. What’s more, there is a lot of pressure to work under, with a serious amount of money on the line, and a pit boss watching over your every move. You must be on point at all times, efficiently running the betting rounds, dishing up the cards correctly, and making the bets pay out fairly, with no mistakes tolerated.

The casino dealer is an interesting job, to say the least, with some good points, and bad, and it’s not a role just any person can fill. There is a lot to deal with as a casino dealer, such as the late hours, the heckling from players, and intoxicated and sometimes aggressive players, all while making sure no mistakes are made when calculating winnings, identifying people’s chips, and keeping the online casino or land-based game running at a good pace (yes, there are casino dealers at online and mobile casinos!)

Let’s dive into the world of a casino dealer and how much these guys take home in pay.

How Much Do Casino Dealers Get Paid an Hour?

Casino dealers work on shifts, so they are paid at an hourly rate. This will vary from casino to casino, but generally, the hourly rate for a casino dealer is around the $25 mark. This comes to around $28-30k per year in wages. However, it’s not uncommon for casino dealers to receive tips from punters, and providing the casino allows croupiers to keep the tips, these can make a significant difference to the annual wager, especially since tips are tax-free.

  • Casino Dealer Hourly Rate: $25/hour

Of course, those working in more exclusive casinos will likely receive more tips based on the clientele that visits the casino. You can also earn more by taking overtime shifts, and with casinos usually open around the clock, you can pick and choose your hours.

live casino dealer playing cards

Do More Experienced Dealers Make More?

You may wonder if casino dealers can increase their salary, well, yes, they can. Those who are most experienced are usually put on exclusive VIP tables, where the betting limits are far superior, and millions of dollars are exchanging hands. These dealers are backed by a reputation of being skillful, efficient, and dependable. Although the salary can go up a few notches, it’s not a drastic difference. The real reward will come through the tips, which are sure to be far more than your base salary, and all tax-free of course.

You can increase your chances of moving up the croupier ladder by taking advanced casino education courses, and this will also enable you to lease out your skills to other dealers and earn more by teaching on the side. What’s more, you can set yourself up to offer your services to private games, where you can expect an excellent pay packet for a night’s work.

How to Become a Casino Dealer

Becoming a casino dealer is no easy task and requires a lot of training. You must be an astute character to operate the casino tables There is a lot of knowledge required across many different casino games. You also need to understand all the gaming regulations that is in place.

Not to mention following the casino’s policies and guidelines, on top of the comprehensive background checks that are required. What’s more, most casinos will require a medical and a drug test, this is because you’re dealing with pressure and a lot of money at any time. You need to be able to operate in a highly demanding environment for long hours of the day. Casino dealers are usually on their feet for long hours of the day, so it can be a physically demanding role too.

Additionally, casino dealers must be able to perform quick and accurate mathematical calculations. This is put to the test repeatedly during a training trial. If you make a mistake, then punters will recognize you as a weak dealer and then take advantage accordingly. The casino dealer is always attending training classes and workshops to hone their skills and stay educated.

Professional casino dealers are also required to be always friendly and professional, so strong customer service skills are needed. You will be communicating with all types of people throughout the day, and you’re always representing the casino, so you need to be courteous at all times.

Becoming a casino dealer does not require any formal education, but you need to get the appropriate training at a casino dealer school and an understanding of table games like online blackjack, online roulette, online baccarat, and more.

However, you will need to be over 18 and have no criminal record. Once you’re in, the classes usually take place over eight to twelve weeks, providing all the training you need to become a competent and confident croupier. You will leave the school with a qualification that will allow you to apply for jobs at different casinos.

Being a casino dealer can be a competitive career, with dealers seeking to find spots at the best casinos. If you work in a top casino that offers five-star service, then you’ll work in a more exclusive environment, meet more generous players, and have more opportunities to progress.

If you work in a standard casino, then there is less pressure, but there are also fewer perks to enjoy. The life of a casino dealer is an educational one, you get to see how people make risky decisions, you’ll leave the games like never before, and you’ll become a highly functioning individual who can think quickly on the spot.

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