As technology advances, so does the casino — these are some of the biggest technological trends from the casino industry.

The last decade has witnessed some big advancements in casino technology. Whether it be the pivot towards online casinos and the heightened security features on smartphones, to cashless casinos in Las Vegas and virtual poker tables, casino tech is evolving.

In fact, the last 10 years have witnessed a fundamental shift in how we bet and play at online casinos. Now most people neglect to actually go to a casino and choose instead to bet online – be it on their desktop computers or with their phone.

Around 17% of all Australians now gamble and try to play at an online casino for real money. Most people love to play on lotteries, while there is a growing appetite for horse racing and other types of betting.

What’s more, tech advancements in eSports, fantasy sports, skin gambling and loot boxes means there are even more options to earn big money if you strike lucky.

And so it’s no wonder that software firms and online casinos are scrambling to keep up with the latest technological developments.

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Biggest Casino Technology Improvements

Ten years ago the casino community was a very different place. Most people had to visit a highstreet casino or betting shop in order to place a wager – but now it can all be done with your phone! And with this development has come some big improvements around safety, data analysis and player experience.

So, here are five of the biggest casino technology improvements that you might have benefitted from:

1) Cloud Storage

Being able to store casino data in cloud gaming software is beginning to revolutionise the industry. It means online casinos can use clouds rather than their own hardware to store millions of data points about their games, customers and more.

This gives casinos greatly freedom and flexibility to pick out trends in their data, such as problem gamblers or glitches in the system.

What’s more, cloud gaming is becoming more of a thing where players spin, deal and bet on games that are run through the cloud. This has given casinos the chance to develop games with better graphics and faster, more enjoyable gameplay.

2) AI

Artificial intelligence has swiftly become part of the online casino community, as software providers can use AI to boost the gameplay experience. AI is great for tracking bugs and glitches within casinos, flag up problem gambling and also expose illegal betting activities.

As tech firms and casino software providers plunge billions of dollars into AI, it’s certain that the technology will continue to improve in the coming decade. And this should make for a safer, more fun gambling experience for every player.

3) Mobile-First Pivot

Mobile casino & gaming have become the default way of placing bets and enjoying casino games. These days few people actually go to a casino or betting shop, and even fewer bet on desktop. Instead, mobile casino apps are the first place where punters head.

And over the last decade casinos and sportsbooks have caught up with the change in consumer habits. These days all the best casinos feature a mobile-first strategy that ensures games and lobbies are designed for the smartphone screen. Graphic design, usability and even banking options are all created with mobile in mind.

4) Two-Step Authentication

It’s a simple technological advancement but it’s helped casinos greatly improve their security. Two-step authentication requires a player signing up to a casino or sportsbook to verify their personal details, in order to prove it’s really them.

This can be as simple as receiving an email or text message, or perhaps requires the player to download a two-step authentication app.

Ensuring players are authentic greatly improves security measures in online casinos. It helps act as a barrier against fraud and money laundering, and makes for a much safer and enjoying betting experience for everyone.

5) Crypto

Online and highstreet casinos are only now starting to accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In most instances a crypto like Bitcoin can be transferred into monetary value and bet with as normal. Then, once you want to make a withdrawal your cash is switched back into crypto.

Betting companies and casinos are slightly wary of cryptocurrencies as they are highly volatile. However, most of the betting sites that do allow crypto will grant customers the chance to deposit small-scale levels at least.

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