AI is on everyone’s minds nowadays, and we all wonder how it will change our online experiences. Will our sense of reality be changed, will AI take our jobs, and how will it affect our entertainment and social life? These are questions many people have, and rightfully so. We at Gamble Online Australia don’t have all the answers, but we can at least give some predictions regarding AI online casinos. How will artificial intelligence online casinos work, and how is it different from what we have now? Read on and find out!

How AI Will Change Your Online Casino Experience

From a casino’s perspective, what most of them struggle with is to attract new players. Growing their player base is the most important thing for online casinos, and the competition is fierce. So how AI can help with this is perhaps what most casinos focus their AI efforts on.

Showing players exactly what they want to see as soon as they enter the casino would be the ultimate goal. The question is how this should be achieved. When it’s a new player, the casino has yet to collect any data points, and thus they don’t know the player’s preferences. Therefore, it’s impossible to give a player a true exclusive user experience.

One idea would be that you get to “build” your own casino website. Will you get to choose your own colour schemes, themes, and game categories shown on the home page? If so, AI online casinos could let every player make their own version of a perfect casino.

Another idea that has been floating around in the industry is to have your own avatar. With this, you could “walk” around in a casino, and also see other players. This is especially an idea that has been around for live casino AI gaming experiences. The social aspect of this kind of virtual reality, generated by AI could for sure completely change your online casino experience.

Tailored User Experience at Artificial Intelligence Online Casinos

Exactly what happens when online casinos start using AI to a greater extent than what they do now is not certain. The humming in the industry mainly revolves around customising user experiences. But how this should look like or work is still a bit unclear.

The goal would be to in a better way suggest games a player might be wanting to try. Or offer bonuses and promotions based on what each player seems to prefer. Customisable game themes accordion to what each player prefers is also an exciting idea that AI could help make a reality.

Then again, customising this kind of experience requires a lot of work from the software platforms the casino is using. So how far down the line this is expected is impossible to predict.

Most likely, we’ll soon see a couple of AI online casinos launching. And when they have been tested for a while, more online casinos with AI interfaces will show up. They’ll take what the first ones did well, and expand on new features. At least, that’s how the industry usually approaches new inventions.

Responsible Gambling at AI Online Casinos

One aspect where AI is easy to use is for a casino’s responsible gambling efforts. Many online casinos are already using AI to some degree to identify problem gamblers, and they have seen great success. Identifying problem gamblers often requires sifting through large amounts of data and then coming to a conclusion. This is something AI can do much more efficiently than human beings.

Players with unhealthy gambling behaviour can be identified and helped, and this is excellent. But more importantly, AI can predict future behaviour, and therefore identify more at-risk players. Getting help to at-risk players before they develop a gambling problem is the holy grail for responsible gambling efforts. If this can be implemented as an online casino AI feature, it will help countless people around the world.

Customer Support – Online Casino AI Chat Bots

Where most Aussies have knowingly been in close contact with AI so far is when they’ve contacted customer support. Not only at online casinos but even more so at any other kind of online business. More and more companies use chatbots to be the first point of contact for a customer with questions. The AI bot will read your question and give you an answer. If it can’t help you, you’ll be transferred to a human being.

Most online casinos don’t use AI chatbots to handle customer queries – yet. But, as technology progresses, and AI is getting “smarter” by the day, it’s only a question of time. After all, the big online casinos have customer support departments with more than a hundred agents. If AI can replace some of them, that will be a huge money-saver for the casinos. And, a benefit for players is that there is never any queue to chat with an AI chatbot.

Casino Jobs that AI Can Do

Customer support is likely to be the first department at online casinos that get affected by AI. It won’t completely replace the humans you chat, email, and talk to today, but it will take on much of the work. Most players that contact casinos’ customer support have general questions that are easy to answer, and this a chatbot can do. Complex questions will still have to be addressed by a human support agent.

Other jobs at online casinos that might be partially replaced by AI are many. Especially a large part of the marketing teams might be affected. AI can create great videos, graphics, and social media posts. It can also write content and copy for various marketing materials, such as bonus offers and promotions. Then there’s payment processing and document verification. Actually, in these departments, many employees have been replaced by AI many years ago.

Can You Win More at an AI Gaming Casino?

The initial thought would be that no, you can’t win more at an AI online casino than at a regular one. But, on second thought, that might not be true. Typically, online casinos want players to win as much as possible, as long as the casino isn’t losing money. The more a player wins, the likelier it is that the player stays a loyal player. The reputational value of a casino having happy players that win is also great for marketing.

AI can help a casino get a larger player base by customising their experience to perfection. Not to mention make great suggestions for other games to try, plus cut down customer support costs. And with that, maybe you can win more. Making more money from more players and cutting employment costs will give the casinos greater profits. And, this allows them to increase the RTP in their games or offer more bonuses to players. If they do that, then you can definitely win more while playing there. As with everything, it’s all a numbers game.

Eve Luneborg

Sub-editor & Casino Content Maestro

Eve Luneborg has been a dynamic presence in the online casino industry since 2014, starting at a burgeoning casino in Malta that has now become a leading gambling site. Initially a support agent, she progressed to handling payments and training new staff on processing withdrawals and KYC documents.

In 2016, Eve transitioned from casino operations to become a writer in the iGaming industry.

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