Mighty Wild Panther Pokie Review

The Mighty Wild Panther is the first pokie in the Mighty Wild series from Wazdan, where you’ll find both the Hold the Jackpot feature and the Wild Rampage bonus. With four jackpots, a gamble feature, chance levels, and optional volatility, this game has a lot to offer. Find out all about how to win by reading our detailed Mighty Wild Panther pokie game review.

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This is Mighty Wild Panther

Mighty Wild Panther is one of the most successful game titles created by Wazdan, and it’s far from a normal type of pokie. This is a game for you who enjoy great graphics, thrilling bonus games, and the chance to win a jackpot. The game features no less than two bonus games, and in each of them, you have the chance to win any of the four jackpot prizes!

With a betting range from 20c to $10,000 and three levels of volatility, this pokie can be just as thrilling as you choose. Just configure the game to your liking, spin the reels, and watch as the symbols spin into place, giving you the chance to win a jackpot.

A Pokie by Wazdam

Wazdan is the game developer who has created Mighty Wild Panther. This pokie is part of their Mighty Wild series, which also features the games Mighty Wild Panther Grand Gold Edition and Mighty Wild Panther Grand Platinum Edition.

Furthermore, this pokie is one of more than 45 Hold the Jackpot games from Wazdan. Other popular titles with this feature include 25 Coins, 20 Coins, 9 Coins, and Burning Sun.

Wazdan is a company headquartered in Malta, and they have created more than 200 casino games since 2010.

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How to Play mighty Wild Panther

Playing the Mighty Wild Panther pokie game is easy, but getting the initial settings right can be a bit tricky. In reality, all you need to do is press the spin button, but to customise the game to your preferences, you have several options.

Start by deciding on a bet level, and then choose the volatility. You can choose between low, medium, or high, and you adjust this by clicking the chillies. The hotter the game you choose, the higher the volatility is. Once that’s done, decide if you want to up the Chance Level.

Then, all you need to do is press the start button or activate the auto spins. You can also choose the speed of the spins, and there are three levels that you adjust by clicking the little car.


The Mighty Wild Panther pokie looks like a fairly typical video pokie, with five reels all showing three symbols each. But the mechanics make the game quite unique. All symbol slots spin as individual reels, there are no standard paylines, and in fact, it’s not possible to win in the base game at all. All your wins will be paid by the two bonus games.

When you spin the reels, all slots are empty, and the goal is to get six coins or six panthers. This triggers the bonus games, and only then can you win.


In total, there are thirteen symbols in the Mighty Wild Panther pokie. Eight of them are for the Hold the Jackpot bonus, while five of them are connected to the Wild Rampage bonus.


The golden coins are the standard symbols for the jackpot game. They will show a value from 1 to 4, indicating how many times your bet they’ll pay as a cash prize, if you trigger the jackpot game.

Cash Infinity

The Cash Infinity symbol is a red coin, and this will show a value from 5 to 10, which again is an indicator of how many times your bet they’ll pay. When you get this symbol in the base game, it will become sticky, and stay in place until you trigger the jackpot bonus game. This ensures that you start the jackpot game with a coin of a high value, and also helps you increase the chances of getting the bonus game.


The pyramid is a collector symbol, and it counts as a coin in a way that it can be one of the six needed to start the jackpot game. What the pyramid does is collect all the coins you get in the game, in essence doubling your wins. That is, as long as you get it during the jackpot game.


The Mystery symbol is a paw print, and it can turn into any of the other symbols in the jackpot bonus game. It can turn into a coin of any value, the pyramid collector, or one of the three jackpot symbols.


If you get a Jackpot symbol, you can get four different ones. One can give you the Mini Jackpot, another the Minor Jackpot, and the third option is the Major Jackpot. Then, you can also get a Mystery Jackpot symbol. This can turn into any of the three jackpots.


The panther appears in the base game, and if you get at least six of them at once, you’ll trigger the Wild Rampage bonus. In this bonus, the panther pays on 10 paylines, and you’ll win 2x, 3x, 4x, or 5x your base bet depending on if you have 2, 3, 4, or 5 of them on a payline.

Panther Jackpot

The Panther Jackpot symbols are Mini, Minor, and Major. In addition, you can get the Panther Mystery, which can turn into any of the three jackpots, or the standard panther. All panther jackpot symbols pay as a normal panther in the Wild Rampage bonus, and any jackpot prizes will be paid on top of this unless you win the Mega jackpot.

Available Bets in Mighty Wild Panther

There are lots of different bets available in Mighty Wild Panther, but the minimum bet starts at 20c per spin. The maximum base bet is $10,000. Then, with the Chance Level feature, you can increase this all the way up to $60,000 per spin. Naturally, not many players will want to bet as much as this, and even if they did, most casinos wouldn’t allow it. So it’s safe to say that the maximum possible bet is whatever the casino’s upper limit on wagers per game round is.

As for the Chance Level, this is the ante bet that you can place to increase the chances of triggering the jackpot bonus. Your options are OFF, x2, x4, or x6, with the multipliers indicating how many times your base bet you’ll add to the wager per spin.

Special Features in the Mighty Wild Panther Video Pokie

There are many special features in Mighty Wild Panther. Since you can’t win in the base game, all of them are connected to the bonus games. We’ll now have a look at what you can expect when you play the Mighty Wild Panther video pokie.

Hold the jackpot

Hold the Jackpot is the jackpot game that you’ll find in many Wazdan games. You trigger this feature by getting at least six of the coin symbols, or other symbols connected to this bonus, in one spin. Then you’re taken to the bonus game, which has the same layout as the base game, but all symbols will be coins or jackpot symbols.

You get 3 respins, and if you get another symbol, this resets to 3 respins again. Once you haven’t gotten a new symbol in 3 consecutive spins, the bonus game is over. You’ll now collect all the values on your coins, no matter if they show a coin value or a jackpot.

For the record, the Mini Jackpot pays 10x your bet, while the Minor Jackpot pays 20x your bet. Then, the Major Jackpot gives you a prize of 50x your bet.

If you manage to fill the whole screen with coins, you’re not getting any of the coin values as a prize, instead, you win the Grand Jackpot. This pays 750x your base bet.

Wild Rampage Bonus

The Wild Rampage bonus is triggered by getting six or more panthers in one spin. In the bonus game, you play on a typical layout, but all symbols will be panthers. It works like Hold the Jackpot, where you get 3 respins to land more symbols, and when you do, it resets to 3 respins.

If you manage to fill the whole screen you win the Grand Jackpot, but if not, you get paid by paylines., there are 10 of them, so how much you win depends not on how many panthers you get but where they are placed. Of course, if you get any Panther jackpot symbols, they pay independently of the paylines.

Gamble Feature

When you win a prize from the bonus game, you can choose to collect the wins or use the gamble feature. You have to pick a colour, and if you guess right you double your win. But, if you pick the wrong colour, all your winnings are lost. Note that this feature is not available when you use the auto spin setting.

Bonus Buy

You don’t have to play the base game at all in Mighty Wild Panther. If you prefer, you can go right ahead and buy a bonus game. This is possible for both the Hold the Jackpot bonus and the Wild Rampage bonus.

The cost of buying a bonus is 50x, 75x, 100x, 150x, or 300x your bet. The more you pay, the better starting position you’ll be in. The lowest one is the standard option, but you can choose to start with mystery symbols as well. If you choose one of the upper levels, you know you’ll walk away with a jackpot prize.

Mighty Wild Panther Graphics and Sound

The soundtrack in Mighty Wild Panther has a jungle theme, and you can feel the thrill of not knowing what lurks around the next bend on the path. However, the soundtrack is almost drowned out by the other audio track, which has typical classic pokie sounds of reels spinning and stopping.

This pokies graphics are well made, and the backdrop shows a lush but foggy jungle. The colours are mainly green, but yellow and red have also been used in the game. All in all, the graphics and audio both fit the theme.

Strategies for Winning in the Mighty Wild Panther Pokie Game

Mighty Wild Panther runs on a random number generator (RNG), so whether you win or not is always completely random. But, since you can adjust the volatility and also choose to use the Chance Level boost, you can impact how often you can expect to win.

Tips for Playing Mighty Wild Panther

The most important setting in the game is the volatility setting. It can be tempting to set this to max so you can get the big wins, and this can also be the best strategy. But, you need to keep in mind that high volatility also means you can get bonus games paying more or less nothing as well. Therefore, make sure you have the bankroll to cover many, many spins with only small gains. For a smaller bankroll, choose the low volatility.

Chance Level is also something you’ll have to decide to use, or not. In reality, it doesn’t make much difference, as it determines how often you’re likely to trigger a bonus. But since you also pay a fairly hefty price to get frequent bonus games, it should all even out long term. These bets mean more in other games, where you also have the chance to win in the base game.

The same basically goes for bonus buys. You’re not missing out on any wins in the base game, so you might as well buy the bonus if you prefer. These are mainly gimmicks, and the only real setting that gives you better or worse long-term winning chances is the one for the volatility.

Game RTP and Volatility

Mighty Wild Panther has three levels of volatility, and these are low, medium and high. Then, if you buy one of the most expensive bonus games, the volatility changes to extremely high. The fact that you can choose the volatility makes the game suitable for all players.

As for the Return to Player (RTP), this is set to 96.15%. Compared to many other online pokies, this is quite good, as it’s on the higher end of what’s considered to be standard.

Playing Mighty Wild Panther on Mobile

No matter if you’re using an iPhone or Android device, playing Mighty Wild Panther on your mobile works seamlessly. The game is built to be responsive, which means it will adjust to best fit your screen. Hold your mobile vertically or horizontally – it doesn’t matter as the game works both ways. The layout changes so that the buttons are placed either at the bottom of the game or next to it. In terms of user-friendliness, both ways work just as well.

Final Thoughts on the Mighty Wild Panther Pokie Game

Playing Mighty Wild Panther offers a different experience, compared to most other online slots. This is mainly due to the lack of possibility to win in the base game. The first impression was that this was boring and essentially pointless. Honestly, that’s still the impression.

The only part of the game that’s interesting is the bonus game, and luckily the game has two of them. Buying the bonuses or using the Chance Levels is almost a must, in our opinion. That’s where the game is exciting, and the only way to win. With no Chance Level activated, you can play hundreds of game rounds without a single win, and that’s not much fun.

Another thing that is a bit disappointing is that the maximum win is only 750x your base bet. This is not much, especially when it’s “sold” as a Grand Jackpot. However, this is how it works in Wazdan Hold the Jackpot games. The good thing is that with a low maximum win, the chances of getting it are quite good.

Mighty Wild Panther FAQ

Can I play the Mighty Wild Panther pokie for free?

Yes, the Mighty Wild Panther pokie can be played for free at almost all Australian online casinos that offer Wazdan games. Simply start it in demo mode and you can play for free for as long as you want.

What is the RTP in the Mighty Wild Panther pokie?

The RTP in Mighty Wild Panther by Wazdan is set to 96.15%. This is fairly good, compared to most other online pokies.

Who made the online pokie Mighty Wild Panther?

The Mighty Wild Panther is a pokie game created by Wazdan. This is a game provider that has developed more than 200 games, and Mighty Wild Panther was launched in 2023.

What is the betting range in Mighty Wild Panther?

The betting range in Mighty Wild Panther by Wazdan starts at 20c per spin and goes all the way up to $10,000 per spin. Then, you can activate Chance Level up to 6x your base bet, and also buy the bonus for between 50x and 300x your base bet.

Is there a bonus game in the Mighty Wild Panther pokie?

There are two bonus games in the Mighty Wild Panther pokie game. The first is a Hold the Jackpot bonus and the second is the Wild Rampage bonus.

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