How to Play Keno

If you like testing your luck with fast paced games, look no further than keno online. Keno is a lottery style game with very similar rules to games like Lotto. Just pick numbers and hope they match with the randomly drawn numbers. Keno is one of the most simple casino games available to Australian players and can be played for free or for real money. In our expert guide, you’ll learn keno rules and payouts, how to play, odds & more!

Where to Play Keno in Australia

Here are our top-recommended real money casinos where you can play keno today:

Keno Rules

Choose Numbers

When you start playing keno, you’ll have to set your stake and choose some numbers. You can either click on the numbers and select them manually or use the autopick option to let RNG automatically select random numbers. The more numbers you select, the more you’ll have to correctly guess to receive a payout.

Place your bets

By using the buttons usually placed below, you can determine how much you would like to bet. The stake ranges from as little as 50¢ to $5 in most games. You can choose the one that suits you and your bankroll the best.

Random Number Generators

When your numbers have been chosen and confirmed, the winning numbers will be randomly selected by Random Number Generator (RNG) technology. In most keno games, 20 numbers are drawn.

Receive Payouts

If you strike a win when playing online, your payout will be automatically added to your account. Depending on the payout chart, you can get 1x your bet for three matching numbers and 10,000x for all ten. You can either choose to play with different numbers or use the same numbers for the next game. You’ll then be able to play another round straight away. Keno is a fast-paced game, so be sure to manage your bankroll well!

Keno Odds

Though keno is easy to play, it is one of the least player-friendly games found at casinos. This is because of the high house edge. In a standard 80 number keno game, 20 numbers are selected as winners. In keno, the more numbers you pick, the greater the payout if your number match with the outcome. However, we don’t recommend selecting 20 numbers per game because although the paytable increases, so do your chances of losing!

The ideal number for most players seems to be somewhere between 6 and 8 numbers. For the purposes of looking at the odds, let’s say you select seven numbers each round.

Numbers Needed to Win Payout Odds
3 x1 1 in 6
4 x2 1 in 19
5 x21 1 in 116
6 x400 1 in 1,366
7 x7000 1 in 40,979

As you can see, the odds of receiving a payout in each keno game are slim and the chances of hitting a large payout are tiny.

How to Win: Keno Strategy

As previously mentioned, keno is a luck-based game. Though there is no set in-game strategy to speak of since there is nothing that you can do to affect the outcome of each round. However, there are some things you can do to improve your chances of being successful:

Bankroll Management

Since keno is fast paced and has a high house edge, you can lose a lot of money quickly. Set yourself a bankroll to determine how much you would like to bet each round and for how long you would like to play. It is always smart to have a bankroll set aside so you only play with the money you can afford to lose. If you keep your bets to a small increment, you will get more play time for the amount of money you spend. Bet small and keep a close watch on your bankroll. Keep each bet small, logical, and in line with the chances of it paying off. Never chase losses in keno or any other casino game.

Use Bonuses

Casino bonuses can double or triple your bankroll for free. Be sure to read the fine print to see if keno is a bonus-eligible game, then enjoy playing with free money!

Know the Payout Chart

It can be tempting to play for the big money in keno, but remember that the odds are not in your favour. Know the keno winning chart and manage your expectations accordingly. Keep in mind that keno has one of the highest house edges of all the games found at the casino, so it should only ever be played for fun.

How Keno Works

Random Number Generators

All of the casinos recommended at Gamble Online have been rigorously tested by respected third-party auditors to ensure the use of RNGs in their keno games. The RNGs mean that the outcome of each game is completely random and thus that the game is fair.

Automatic Payouts

The amount you’ll win when playing keno depends on how much you’ve wagered, how many numbers you chose, how many numbers have been selected as winning, and the payout chart for the game. The more correct numbers you have predicted, the higher your payout will be.

When playing keno online, all of the payouts happen automatically. That means that when your numbers hit, the game will automatically credit your account with your winnings.

Web-Based Keno vs In-Person Keno

Keno is a very social game at its core. What makes keno enjoyable for many players is the atmosphere and community that comes with it. Playing web-based keno is fast and fun but it lacks the community aspect of in-person keno. We have the pros of web-based keno to let you decide for yourself if web-based keno is for you!

  • Pros

  • Higher payouts
  • Fast paced games
  • Possible to play with a progressive jackpot
  • Play a game that suits you
  • Cons

  • Easier to go through your bankroll faster
  • House edge is very high
  • No social atmosphere

Keno Glossary

Learning how to play keno online is fairly easy but there are some terms you should know before you hit the casino. We gathered a glossary to get you up to speed on keno terms.

How to Play Keno FAQs

Can online keno be rigged?

If you play at a safe and reputable casino, online keno cannot be rigged. Casinos which are licensed and audited by respected third-party bodies (like the ones found at Gamble Online) must prove that their games use Random Number Generator (RNG) software. These RNGs ensure fairness by giving completely random results every game.

How do you predict keno numbers?

Keno is luck-based so there is no way to ensure that the numbers you predict will be correct.  Some sites display ‘keno hot numbers’ which have recently been drawn, but don’t be fooled. The use of Random Number Generators means that each game is completely random. Each number on the board therefore has the same chance of being drawn.

How do you win in keno?

To win in keno, you’ll have to correctly predict which numbers will be randomly selected as the winning ones. It’s really that simple!

How does keno work?

In keno, players must place a bet and choose a few numbers from a board. The game is then locked and some numbers are selected randomly. If the player has chosen enough of the winning numbers, they’ll receive the corresponding payout. Your success in keno is 100% down to luck and there is nothing you can do to affect the outcome of each game.

What is the difference between keno and bingo?

You might think keno and bingo are very similar to each other. In bingo, players are given cards with numbers already selected for them, whereas in keno, you pick your own numbers. Even though the games are similar in terms of number cards and the draw, they are almost the opposite of each other.

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